Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh yes..we went...and we came home...

Camping!! So, we have wanted to go camping with the Corbett's ever since we got married and it's never worked out...but 5 years and 2 kids later we finally found time to go and actually went! Wow, huh! So, we spent the day getting ready and what a workout that is. Sometimes I wonder why we even go on trips because it's more work getting everything ready and packed than the time we spend there! We get to Birch Creek (about an hour drive), set up camp, get everything in our tents (air mattress blown up, sleeping bags rolled out, pack-n-play set up...the whole works) and it starts raining and rains for about an hour! What fun! I hate the rain when I have to be out in it and get wet because I feel damp for the rest of the day and I get chilled so quick! But anyway, we sit in our tent which the boys loved playing in, the husbands try to cook hotdogs over the rainy fire and then we end up eating boiled hotdogs (don't ask how we got them boiled), everything starts to get wet from all the rain, the rain stops and the biggest prettiest rainbow I've ever seen came out. It's only 7pm, too early to go to bed, everything is wet, our airmattress is FLAT!, the boys are a bit cranky, and we decide that it could be a very long night if we go to bed now, so the husbands went fishing (because that's a big reason why we went camping there), we (the wives with all the children) pack up. We think about staying because the weather is calm and peaceful, but then the wind starts to blow and the dark clouds move in again. Call us chickens, but I don't care! Children and camping in the rain don't go together!
We got home about 11pm, unpacked, and went to bed.
It was still a fun day! This is of the boys when we first got there. They were having a blast with there toys and the dirt! They were all so happy to be outside also!
Yah, this picture was taken after only camping for about 30 minutes! He's awesome! It looks like he has a black eye and a little chocolate on his chin! Nice huh!
Playing in the tent!

I love when they play together! It is so cute! They love each other and will laugh and laugh at eah other!
Kyden loving the pot and spoon while chillin' in the tent.

Braden and Max waiting for there Dad's to come get them to take them fishing.
Our flat air matress! Glad we decided to come home and that it got flat before we slept on it. I used to wonder why my parents needed an air matress, but now I know exactly why! It stinks getting old!!!

Braden sad that we have to go home. He couldn't figure out why I was packing everything back up when we had just got it out.
The proud husbands and there fish!
And Max fell in the creek! Funny now, but not so much at the time!!
Plus, Jason lost his belt somewhere in the packing up which he was bummed about since he has had it since high school or something like that. Oh well, at least we didn't leave one of the boys!! We really did have a good time and it made the weekend a whole lot longer coming home the same day we left! It just stunk that we got everything ready and didn't even use any of it! Oh well, that's life sometimes. Thanks Corbett's for the good time! Hopefully we can make a better memory of camping soon! We did end up going to the Corbett's Saturday morning for breakfast which was fabulous!

Celebrating 5 years

First, my birthday (a couple weeks ago) was wonderful--full of lots of laundry, being mom, and just the usual Monday stuff! Hee, hee! Fun huh! But birthday just aren't the same anymore and I really don't care. It's more fun to celebrate the kids birthdays. I did get a couple cards and visitors and one special secret admirer amazing brownie desert with paper flowers (thanks secret person--it was fabulous and made my day!) We went to dinner with my parents, sister, and in-laws at Iggy's. Then went back to my parents house for surprise cake. Thanks everyone for a WONDERFUL birthday! I really didn't expect it!
Jason even surprised me with a bike trailor for the boys that I have been wanting for at least a year. I am so excited to use it! I just have to get my bike tuned up now.
Jason has been full of surprises lately! He also surprised me with a one night get-away for our 5 year anniversary (June 18). It wasn't going to work out for us to do anything for our anniversary and I was pretty bummed--not because we usually do anything because we don't usually (last year we were in the MTC sending Jesse on his mission which was amazing though)--I was bummed because 5 years is kind of big and I'm not pregnant or nursing so I have no attatchments and can go anywhere for at least a couple days without being missed too much! I love my boys but it is always nice to get away to appreciate them even more. We went to Utah--Temple Square and Lagoon. I'm not a huge fan of Lagoon (probably since I've been to Disneyland and Lagoon doesn't even compare) but Jason got a good deal on tickets so it was a nice out. Although is was a huge reminder of our wedding day 5 years ago--raining and a bit cold. But we had fun anyway and even got some swimming in at Lagoon a beach.

I love you babe! You are the best! I am so blessed to have you in my life! You are perfect and always help me be a better person. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a wonderful husband as you! And you are a great father to our boys. They love you--you can see it in there eyes when they look at you and play with you. You make me laugh! Thanks for putting up with me and my grouchy days! I love you so much! Thanks lover!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


A couple weekends ago, we went to Manti to my cousins wedding--well the weekend actually doubled as wedding/reunion. It keeps getting harder and harder for my extended family to get together so the weekend was packed with fun! Kyden riding on the cart in the hotel.
Grandpa Searle and the boys waiting to go to the wedding. We love grandpa's!
Handsome boys!
Staying occupied in the car for the many car rides that weekend.

Saturday after the wedding, we hiked Timpanogas (anyone know how to spell that cause I sure don't). It was a bit harder than we thought since none of us are exatly in the greatest shape to be hiking! It was a ton of fun though! Kyden liked being carried, but didn't really like the cave because he wanted down to walk around and touch everything. It was kind of a long tour through the cave for him. Braden was a trooper though. He hiked all the way to the top by himself (3 miles total) and only got carried for part of the way down!
Pretty tired dude!

Inside the cave although you really can't see anything-oh well, you can see us anyway!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hard at work

I do book work for my Dad that I love at least once or twice a week and I usually GET to take the boys to work with me which can be hard to handle some days! They don't always stay out of trouble! Here's a picture of them on the stairs going down to my dad's office. Bulleted ListAnd here's what they keep themselves busy with--building forts and steal all of Grandpa's pens.
Cry, cry, and cry!! Kyden is smiling behind his binkie in this picture, but he is not always so happy! (I have no idea why this picture turned because it wasn't like this when I was downloading it.--oh well)! This is my makeshift bed for him that he stayed in for a second or 2!
And THIS is what they do when I'm not paying attention! Braden drew this and it was so hard to get mad at him because he was so proud of his artwork--banana on the right and a field with dots, lines, and square. The bad thing about this is that Braden taught Kyden how to draw on the walls so he drew on Grandma's walls later that week with a pen! Boys and mischief!

College days...

Two of my most favorite roommates from college were in town so we were able to get together for lunch. I love these girls--Annie and Claire! I saw Claire last year, but it's been 5 or so years since I saw Annie (and we live in the same state)! It was so fun catching up! It seemed like no time had passed since we were roomies (besides the fact that I had to bring Kyden). We also went to visit an old FHE brother, Destin, that they had stayed pretty close with. It was fun playing catch up! Glad we were able to get together!
On my way to meet them, I looked back and found Kyden like this! Mr. Cool J!
It was Mother's weekend at school so tradition is we all go to dinner with the family! Dad ended up being sick with the flu which we felt bad about, but we went anyway. Sorry Dad! Bec and Braden waiting to get into dinner.
After dinner--Braden and one of his favorite uncles, Ray (his favorite depends on which uncle he's with I guess)! He loves riding on the tractor (GREEN of course) with his uncle Ray! Thanks for putting up with him Ray!
Kyden loves being rolled around on this chair by Uncle Eric! He was just a laughing!
Our knight in shining armor! Pretty cool huh!
The potty chain--until no more diaper! I'll keep you posted on how that goes! I'm not loving the whole potty training thing especially when the boy has absolutely no interest and doesn't even care if he wets his pants! Thanks for the chain idea though Cass!
Grandpa P and Braden "swimming" in the hot tub! Do any of you remember when you could actually swim in a hot tub? Fun, fun, fun! Now we can barely move around in it!