Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family Vacation

To Disneyland! The boys loved it and did so good! Kyden even took one of the longest naps he's ever took in the stroller! I was happily surprised. Kyden's favorite ride was the carousel. He probably rode it 20 times and would have rode it all day if we would have let him.
One VERY happy boy!

One tired little Mickey boy!

The whole group with Mickie minus Grandpa (Great Grandpa to the boys). We all had a lot of fun together even when it got busy the last couple days we were there and had to stand in some lines. AHH...fighting crowds--not the most fun!! But fun anyhow!
Little Mickey!
Braden and Handy Manny--I was super surprised that he went up to him all by himself but he did and loved it!
This was a common site among our visit to Disneyland and California Adventure--always studying his map. He knew exactly where we were, where we had been, and where he wanted to go.
On the SCREAMER rollercoaster which is so fun! If you look close you can even see Jason's brother Doug, who lives in Las Vegas, came to see us for a day. It was fun to see him and I think he like it too!
Ah man must have picked the wrong picture. Oh well. After church on Sunday (or at least Sacrament), we went to the Newport Temple. It is a very pretty temple.
Grandpa and the boys at the temple.
Isn't this an awesome picture?! And my Dad even took it! Yah, talk about miracle!
We also visited the beach while in Cali. And although it was a bit cold, the boys LOVED it! We just need a backyard with lots of sand and they would be happy boys!

Braden's favorite rollercoaster ride. Yes, it surprised us that he loved it! It lasts about 2 seconds but it is fun!
Boarding the "favorite rollercoaster"
Time to go home--2 VERY tired boys! And I mean tired! It took a week or so just to recoup from all the busy days they endured! They were so good! Glad it turned out to be so wonderful! We love our little boys! They are growing up to fast and learning so much!


I fell asleep in the counter--halfway anyway (Braden)!

And I fell off the stool and hit the other one!
Lunch with Uncle Ray!