Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Moved

We moved in with Grandpa and Grandma Searle! What a mess! When Hayley was about a week old, I decided to do a little cleaning. I had Jason pull Braden's bed away from the wall because it looked like there was a ton of dirt between his bed and the wall. I should have known better. It wasn't dirt, but a TON of mold! We lived in an older duplex and we did have mold problems before this but not this bad! That was the last straw though--with 2 little boys and a new baby and with the owners not doing a thing about it, I was out! We are moving to Logan in about 3 months so it was a bummer that we couldn't stick it out that much longer! But were done dealing with it and everything else that went with that place--the smell, the mold, the shower, the drain that wouldn't drain when we did laundry, and blah, blah, blah! We did LOVE the neighborhood! But oh well! We weren't going to be in the neighborhood much longer anyway, so it was time! I started packing when Hayley was just over 2 weeks old and we moved right after her 3 week mark! Let's just say, I did nothing for the first 2 weeks of her life but hold her and feed her and watch tv, then it was a rough week or so, but we are great now and loving life at Grandpa and Grandma's--especially the boys!!!

This is the only picture I could find of the boys with grandparents! Guess I should take more pictures of them! Way to go Grandma--you put all the boys to sleep!

We got in!!!

The moment we've been waiting for......the acceptance letter! We found out right before Hayley was born that Jason was accepted into Utah State's Management Information Systems (MIS) Masters program!! Wahoo! Yes, that means more student loans (uhg), but we'll deal with that. Debt for school is alright--right?! We are super excited for this next step in our lives! Utah State has been wonderful to work with already. They have been so helpful and nice. I am sad to leave so much family and so many good friends, but I know we will meet wonderful people as we move and it will be great! Change is always hard for me, but once I'm there it's just fine! I know this is what we should do and it is so exciting! It's not like we're moving across the United States, it's only 2 hours away--driving, not flying!

P.S. Jason LOVES this picture! But I just had to put it in for memory sake!