Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

My parents went to Nicaragia to see my brother and sister-in-law the week before Halloween so we went and stayed with my brother. While we were there we carved pumpkins. Braden didn't want to have anything to do with those oooweee goooey inside stuff. So he watched for a second and then went to play.
And this is what Kyden did--ate food and made a mess.
And this is how he reacted when we had him touch the pumpkin goo.
Here's the final results.


Happy Halloween! So, to be honest I'm not really into Halloween. I do like to go to family parties and dress up but I don't ever go the extra mile. This year we didn't have any parties to go to so we just went trick-or-treating to family and then to the pumpkin walk which was fabulous. Plus, I don't see the need to spend $50 on each costume. It's a waste of money for only wearing the costume one or two nights. Maybe someday when I have money laying around just waiting to be spent, I will change my mind about that. But I do have to admit that children make it so much more memorable.

Braden was Bob the Builder who he is obsessed with right now and Kyden was a puppy. If you say to Kyden "Come here puppy" he'll drop to the ground and start panting. It's pretty cute.Kyden loves loves loves trains or "choo, choos" as he calls them so he had to check this out at the
pumpkin walk.

Kyden was in heaven with all the candy he was getting. He just couldn't figure it out but then he didn't really care and was just happy to be getting more candy at one time than he's had his whole life! They both got a bucket candy and we only went to about 6 houses. Guess that's what happens when you just go to family--they load you up!
Grandpa with the boys.