Saturday, July 24, 2010

Million Mothers for Haiti

A couple months ago, Jason and I were invited to Hope for Haiti Dinner because he was a volunteer for the Utah Hospital Task Force that went to Haiti in January. It was a very neat experience and I’m so glad that it worked out for us to attend. They recognized the members of the Utah Hospital Task Force (UHTF) and had one member of each team (medical, translator, construction) talk about what it was like in Haiti. The nurse that spoke really touched me because she told about a Haitian mother that came to get help because she had a 9 month old nursing baby and was pregnant again. She wasn’t getting enough food so she couldn’t produce milk to feed her baby and there was NOTHING she could do about it. It made me so sad to realize how much I am blessed with and how little they have. I mean if any mother in America cannot produce milk or chooses not to, she can usually find the means to buy formula. That isn’t even an option there—nothing is. This nurse that spoke had to send this mother away because there was nothing she could do besides give her a granola bar and hope for the best. I feel so helpless when my boys want a SNACK and I don’t have anything—these children and adults go days, maybe weeks without so much as a spoonful of rice. It just makes me want to cry. They have never really had a hospital with a maternity center in Haiti, but at this dinner they announced the building of the American Hospital in Haiti which will include a Women’s Clinic and Pediatric Center. The man that put the UHTF together is amazing. Before the earthquake took place, he had no ties to Haiti but I guess he felt a pull to do something and ever since the UHTF came back, he has wanted to do more so he is pulling in all directions for this hospital. They also created the Million Mothers for Haiti— “We are strong because we have to be: A Million Mothers, a Million Strong” and they want to get a million mothers to donate $12 to go towards this Women’s clinic. I think it is such a wonderful opportunity to serve in such a small way. Or maybe I just feel tied to this because my husband loves the people of Haiti and we talk about hem all the time. Just go check it out at .They showed this incredible video at the dinner that I have been trying to download so that you could all watch it but its too big so if anyone knows how to shrink it, let me know! It’s worth seeing (although it may make you cry). One last thing, Elder Ballard was in attendance that evening also which was also a treat. (He walked right behind me and Jason didn't even say a word to me--I just kept gabbing away to some of the other women there--what a little stinker for not telling me. At least Jason redeemed himself later by being close enough to have us both shake his hand.) Elder Ballard gave a few remarks and the closing prayer. He said “May our efforts this evening be the beginning of a new era in our human compassion.” What a wonderful thing to hear from a servant of the Lord!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Uncle Jesse's Home

July 12, 2010--Can you believe it? Cause we can't! Uncle Jesse's home from serving a 2 year mission to Korea. We are so happy he is home! He looks great! And he served a wonderful mission.

Here are the kids posing with there signs before Jesse flew in. Another plus about Jesse coming home was being able to see Grandpa and Grandma again since they went to pick Jesse up and had been gone for a week. Plus we hadn't seen cousin Brielle (and her parents Travis and Jessica--we love you too) for almost a year and they flew in from Texas and will be here for a couple weeks. It's a fun and busy time!

He's here! Braden ran right up to him and gave him a big hug! He kept telling me that he thought maybe Jesse would think that Kyden was him. Funny boy!
3 brothers

Kyden was super excited to see Jesse before he got there and then he got a little nervous to actually see him. He was only 2 months old when Jesse left so he doesn't remember him at all. I'm sure that will change pretty quick though.

The 3 little cousins! The only grand kids in this family!
All the handsome brothers together! I think I did the wrong pictures because the one I picked to do, Jason was looking at the camera! Oh well!
Can you tell that the kids had enough pictures? It was bedtime!
Braden and Kyden sporting there new Korean soccer jerseys! They love them! They both think there pretty cool wearing them. They wore them to bed and then all day the next day! What little cuties!

Swimming Lessons

June 28-July 9
This was Braden's first year of swimming lessons and he loved it after the first 3 days. The first 3 days were torture. He cried, he would barely get in the water, he would look the other way when his teachers were talking to him pretending to not listen, he would ask me how much longer he had to be in the water, I had to stand inside the fence the whole time, bribe him..... Then day 4 hit and he was a changed boy. No more crying. He walked right into the water smiling and talked to his teachers. He knew exactly what to do since he HAD been listening to his teachers the whole time. He even stayed in the freezing cold water since the second week was a bit windy and cold (ya you would think July would be hot but not this year). He now actually wants to know why swimming lessons are over and wants to take them again--sorry bud we'll try for next year.

On the last day, they got to get life jackets on and jump off the diving board and go down the slide. I really didn't think he would have anything to do with any of those things. He was scared to wear a life jacket because he's worn one before and he would just flip everywhere. We kept talking to him and he finally agreed to try the life jacket on just for me. He did and LOVED it! He even went off the diving board 3 times and the slide 2 times. He was the only one in his class that went more than once. SHOCKER!! His teacher kept asking him if he wanted to jump again and he'd casually say "sure". What a funny boy! Love him!

This is him right after he jumped off the diving board for the first time. Doesn't he look so happy and proud of himself?!

The choo choo train. This is what Kyden loved to watch Braden do since he loves trains.
Quincy and Braden on the last day of swimming.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun

Here's some fun random pictures of our summer so far...
Playing with friends. They even have a sand box that the boys love which is where they were carrying that bucket full of water.

Want some cheese with that ice cream!
My cousins dressed Kyden up like a girl. Sporting necklaces and earrings. What a goof!
Here's the girls that helped him look that way!
Kyden riding the 4-wheeler--the mini one!
Notice the crossed feet. Just as comfy as ever.
Cool dude!
Riding the real 4-wheeler with Uncle Mike
Braden with Uncle Eric
Wow, he is out cold and doesn't even look very comfortable! We have been keeping late nights and these boys are showing it. They are a bit on the grumpier side (although they are starting to get used to staying up late--not a good sign cause when it hits fall time it's back to bed early).
Sleep tight! Cutie bug!

4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July (well actually 3rd since that's when all the festivities took place this year). We went to a fun family bbq and then headed to Idaho Falls to watch the fireworks from a hotel room that G&G reserved. The fireworks were great although the boys could not sit still--probably from all the sugar they had that day.
They are so funny! They hardly ever pose good at the same time for pictures so these are the best I got. Hopefully they'll do better for family pictures in a couple weeks!

Riding with Grandpa on the gator! How many people can you get on a gator?! I guess lots if they're kids!!
Kyden showing off his Whopper! What a little stinker!
Braden and Kyden's favorite firework--the panda!
Family fireworks! Love the fam!
We are so blessed to have the freedoms that we have living in the United States and we are so grateful for that!

Downata Reunion

The yearly trip to Downata.
The boys had a blast and the weather was perfect for swimming
and playing in the sand.

Kyden walking the dogs with Grandpa.