Monday, January 23, 2012

Who would have guessed...

That this...
has been housing my LOST wedding ring for over a month (December 12th-January 19th)!
It was actually in the fruit drawer in the middle of a plastic sack (yes I do clean my fridge out more often--I've just been gone a lot and fruit keeps for a while, right?)
So this is what I think happened--While I was trying to do everything at once--laundry, lunch, put grocery's away, keep busy kids happy..., my ring must have slipped off and into the fruit drawer. Who would have thought to look in the fridge--not me obviously!! So when I found this beauty, I was going through the fridge and came across a bag with a single pomegranate inside and was wondering if it was sporting any mold. I picked up the bag and was slowly looking for mold when I opened one side of the plastic and there it was! I was SPEECHLESS! The whole time it was lost, I just wanted it back so bad and I kept thinking that I had lost it at home and not at the store, but figured that was just wishful and hopeful thinking! Well, it wasn't, it was safe and sound in our fridge the whole time! After the shock wore off, I yelled to Braden and told him I found it! Yah!! He was excited! Now I'm scared to wear it, but I do and it makes me so happy! Plus, now the kids aren't orphans anymore--Jason told Braden when I lost it that we weren't a family anymore and he was an orphan because I didn't have a ring! What a joker! And Braden didn't believe him luckily! Whenever we went to a store, the boys were secretly looking for a new ring for me! Sweet of them but so glad I found MY ring! What a blessing!!!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve parents went out of town New Year's Eve day so last minute we decided to throw a little party at my parents house (without them even there). We ate pizza and junk, played Just Dance 3, pool, and sat and talked!

Hadlee and Hayley--They are almost exactly a year apart but you wouldn't ever guess that because Hadlee is so little and Hayley is a little chub. Little cuties! I was due with Hayley on Hadlee's birthday but had her a couple days early. It would have been fun for them to share a birthday, but I was so ready to have her when I did that I didn't care about the date at the time :).
Just Dance 3! So much fun!!! I want to buy it now!
This little guy got so tired, he just laid down in the mist of all commotion and went to sleep 30 minutes before midnight! Yes, we are great parents--we let our kids stay up!
Hayley would not go to sleep!! Poor girl was so tired but her schedule is so messed up from being with family that I really didn't care that she was up!
Party kids after midnight! We had streamers everywhere! It was a fun night! Just chillin' and eating! Here's to a wonderful, crazy, fun, adventurous...2012!!!

Merry Christmas

The boys with Santa. Hayley wanted nothing to do with him!
This is what happens when you play right below where mom is baking! Oops!
Making goodies for the neighbors! Notice the plentiful sprinkles on every cookie! But is sure made for a happy boy!
We attended the Searle Christmas Party and Kyden played a wise man in the Nativity. Braden sat in the audience because he wanted nothing to do with it.
Christmas Eve movie with Grandpa and Grandma--Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked (guess that's what it's called--that's what Braden is telling me and he's usually right (smart boy!)
New jammies--at least one of them are smiling!
Waiting pretty patiently to go upstairs and see what Santa left them. We had a sleepover at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Kyden was up at 4 and running around upstairs. He says he heard Santa and his reindeer and in his search for Santa, he didn't even see what Santa left him luckily! He was up again at 6 and we just couldn't keep him contained! He was whining to go upstairs so we let them. Very fun morning!
Jason's brother, wife, and 2 kids came from Texas. They haven't been back for a year and a half so it was fun to see them. Opening presents!
Hayley had no idea what was going on. She just kept getting bombarded by presents and her brothers!
I decided to get a little crafty this Christmas (at least for 2 gifts). I made this pillow for my mother-in-law which has all her grandchildren's handprints on it. It wasn't perfect but it was fun to do.
This one for my mom!
Hayley in her Christmas dress thanks to hand-me-downs from Aunt Kristen! I LOVE this dress! I want her to wear it forever!
Cousins--Kamden and Hayley. Hayley is 2 1/2 months older than Kamden. Kamden's sister, Brielle, and Kyden are 3 months apart too! We just time having babies the same time I guess! And Braden was born exactly a month before Travis and Jessica got married! This way it's easier to remember dates!
We also went to the Dance Christmas Party. Kyden and Great Grandma Dance.
Grandpa P and very sleepy Hayley
Dad and the boys!
We had a very fun and enjoyable Christmas! We stayed with family for a week and 1/2 and just partied the whole time! It was a good holiday!

So So Sad Day...

I lost my WEDDING RING!!! December 12th...and I just keep waiting for it to show up somewhere! I NEVER take my ring off except to put lotion on and to cut raw meat up. I am always wearing my ring. I realize now how much I play with my ring and check for it. It's a sad and frustrating feeling when you loose something and just want it back NOW so bad. But it's just a thing that can (eventually) be replaced. The weird things...about a week before I lost my ring, I had a dream that some guy (ya some guy, not Jason, and I have no idea who it was I didn't even remember what he looked like when I woke up from the dream), gave me a butterfly wire ring. Weird since I don't have any kind of obsession with wire or butterflies and I've never seen a ring like it. Then the day before, I was rubbing lotion on the boys feet before they went to bed and set my ring on the bed. Jason came in and sat on it and I thought oh I don't want to loose it. I even told Jason that he sat on it. Then later that night, I was rubbing Jason's feet (which rarely ever happens, sorry Jason) and took my ring off and set it on top of a book. I thought to myself I don't want to loose that so I better put it right back on. Why was I having all these ring thoughts--I guess because I was going to loose my ring the next day! Lesson behind this??? Oh well...just had to share my frustration!

Dentist and Random Stuff

The boys both had to have some work done on there teeth December 7th--and they were sedated! They were good sports. Braden still can't figure out how he got a silver tooth when all he did was drink some stuff at the dentist office and then went home--he doesn't exactly remember everything else and that's a good thing! They both handled it differently. Kyden thought he was so funny and tried to get up multiple times and just kept laughing and laughing. He is such a goof and it was hard not to laugh at him! Braden on the other hand was not so happy. He would have crying spells because he couldn't get up and do things himself so it made him frustrated. It was sad! Glad that's over! Hayley just thought it was a good time to crawl all over them and pull there hair which they didn't like one bit. Braden was also very sensitive--he started crying because Hayley didn't want to lay by him. It was a funny, crazy, and stressful day!
Still a little loopy but still cute that they are snuggling!
Same day--they were so interested in this movie! Probably more than they would have been another day!
Eating breakfast on the couch together. Hayley sat there for a good half hour or more which was shocking. But she does love those brothers of hers. (By the way, the new rule for the year is no eating on the couch because it is starting to look very trashy!)
And Kyden eating at the table by himself.
The boys were sooooooo proud of this. They made our bed ALL BY THEMSELVES! Don't mind that the fitted sheet was laid on top of the flat sheet and that I had to remake it again (without them knowing of course). But they did get all of our pillows inside the pillow cases which is not easy for me!
And this little bug is sooooo picky! I don't know what to feed her. She hasn't ever liked baby food--NEVER! She loves something one time and not the next! But I'm not worried too much right now because it's not like she's lacking for food with all that chub on her!