Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kyden's Birthday on Easter

Coloring Easter eggs! They had a blast! We should do this every month because it was such a hit!

Grandma celebrated her 50th birthday in February but we couldn't make it to celebrate with her so we planned to surprise her this weekend. We told her we were coming but said it wouldn't be until later, but she had no idea that Brad & Bec and Mike & Angie were coming at all. We all met at Red Robin and surprised her! It was fun! She was surprised! Bec made a cake and we just hung out that night.
The Easter Bunny visits our family Saturday morning and this is what they found... I think Hayley was checking to see if anyone was watching her because she's never seen so much candy at her level. She had a great time eating candy first thing in the morning.

Grandma P did an Easter egg hunt at her house and the kids had a blast and got lots of yummy candy!

Trying out the new Razor...
Hot dog roast with the fam.
Our little homeless child...I didn't want her coat smelling like smoke so this is what Grandma dug up! Good thing grandma keeps things like this around!
Happy 4th Birthday Kyden!!! Kyden's birthday fell right on Easter this year. Kind of fun! I can't believe he is 4! Time flies! He is learning and growing so much! We love our little squishy monster! Birthday cereal he got to pick out.

He could not contain his excitement of opening presents. He LOVES opening presents!

Grandpa P took the next 3 pictures after church Easter Sunday. His camera is super nice!
Our sweet baby girl!
Little missionary...wanting to open his birthday present!

"Fancy" Birthday brownies but sure were good with ice cream and homemade hot fudge!
Playing in the sand box with all the kids.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Broken Arm...And the Lost Tooth

On Monday, we were coming home from the park when Braden's bike caught the edge of the sidewalk and made him loose his balance and he crashed. But I didn't see it, just him on the grass with the bike laying across him (and what I didn't realize at the time was that his elbow hit the edge of the sidewalk). And the nice mom that I am (I should win mother-of-the-year for this little incident), made Braden get up and I kept telling him oh your okay. I even asked him if he could ride his bike home! What was I thinking?!!! But kids cry all the time and really when should you really take it serious! I knew it was bad when he laid on the couch, couldn't move his arm, he was drifting in and out of sleep, and it started swelling immediately. We ate dinner and then Jason took him to Instacare. They waited for almost 2 hours to even go back and then told us he needed to go to Primary Children's Hospital for surgery. Who would have guessed that he broke it that bad?!! I had no idea, but I don't know anything medical! Poor kid! Braden was most worried about missing FHE and The Voice and his BIG bowl of ice cream I promised him when he got home! Funny kid!
My sweet wonderful parents jumped in the car within 10 minutes of me calling and telling them what was going on and drove 2 hours to watch Kyden and Hayley so I could go with Jason and Braden. My awesome cousin and his wife came over for the 2 hours it took for my parents to get there so the kids could keep sleeping. I felt so bad for Braden! It's hard to see your kid in so much pain and not be able to do anything!
After surgery waiting for him to wake up. They didn't have to make any incisions, they somehow put a couple pins in his elbow. We'll go back in a week and get a hard cast put on.
He really was so super brave through it all. The nurses even told him he was brave and that made him feel pretty good about himself. He said it was kind of fun getting so much attention (until we were home and he needed lots of help doing everything and he couldn't play the WII)!
Headed after being up most of Monday night, we were ready to go home as soon as possible. Braden's surgery was Tuesday at 8:30 and we were able to leave by 2 p.m. which was nice. I'm just so grateful that everything went ok and that it wasn't worse. Being at Primary Children's made me realize how blessed I am to have healthy children. I was only there for a day and it was draining! I can't even imagine how hard it would be to have your child there for days, weeks, months... So hard!
Home at last! Braden had a couple new toys waiting for him when he got home so he was ready to play! So was Kyden!
And this is what we've been doing the last couple days...lounging on the couch and what you can't see is the tv--on all the time!! What else can the poor little man do? It could be a rough couple weeks at school. I had him try and trace some letters with his left hand and he erased everything he did because he wanted it to be perfect! At least it's his spring break this week and he doesn't have to miss any school!
And another big event took place last night, April 4th...Braden lost his FIRST tooth. It was super loose and Jason has been bugging him the last week or so to let him pull it out. Well, Jason finally had his way and pulled it out and Braden didn't even realize it was gone.

Braden's 6...

Happy Birthday Braden!! He turned 6 last week! I don't really feel that old until I realize how old my kids are getting! It's sad and exciting all at once!
Braden invited his best friend, David, from school to play at our house after school on his birthday. We ate lunch and played a couple games. Nothing too fancy! Braden and David are so much alike! I'm so glad Braden has made friends here. It makes me happy to see him enjoying school and friends so much.
Grandpa and Grandma came for Braden's birthday and so we celebrated by going to Sizzler (Braden's pick) for dinner. See what Kyden ordered...Crab legs! He loves them--I think mainly because of the tools that come with it to crack them open. He only gets these with Grandpa and Grandma so he enjoyed them!
Birthday boy with Grandpa!
Shoved in the back of the family van!!
Since Kyden's birthday is in a week and G&G got them the same present, they got to open them together. Transformers of course!
And the FANCY cake I spent hours and hours on!!! Okay not really, just boxed brownies! Our kids don't really like cake and always opt for brownies instead so I see no reason to spend more time in the kitchen than necessary on there birthday! Brownies, homemade hot fudge, and ice cream beats cake ANY DAY!!
Dad and Braden...I just wish I could see Braden's other eye, but it's still an adorable picture! We love everything thing about this boy! He is so helpful, happy, smart, handsome...! He just brings a smile to our face!
We spent the weekend in Salt Lake for conference so Braden thought it was pretty cool to stay in a hotel right after his birthday. But I didn't take a single picture--I'm that awesome!

February and March Catch Up

Braden celebrated the 100th day of Kindergarten! I can't believe that he will be finishing up Kindergarten really soon! He is growing up so fast and such a smart boy!
This snow in February was pretty much the last snow they could actually play in! We really haven't had much snow to play in this past winter which was really nice for me, but not so much for the boys!
Extra long licorice from Vegas that Grandpa and Grandma bought for them. It was pretty cool!
In March, we were able to go to Disney On Ice with Grandpa and Grandma. The kids loved it!

The ginormous snow cone!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't really get what the bike helmet is but Kyden is our very random boy! You never know what he'll come up with next!
Making gooey mud. We enjoyed being out in the sun for a couple days until it snowed and rained again! The sunshine is so nice, but I hate being teased with it--super nice shorts wearing outside bike riding day one day and the next day is cold sweater wearing stay inside day. We're just glad for some sunshine though!
After playing at a park, Kyden asked "Can we bring this home with us mom?" And he said it like he was taking it home no matter what I said! Somehow Braden talked him into leaving it there. It was funny though!
Here's the bike riding clan. They made a whole town in the parking lot with chalk. They played outside for hours riding back and forth. Sadly, the 2 kids in the picture just barely moved! We are so SAD! The boys finally warmed up to them after almost a year and now they had to move! Bad timing! But they did have a blast with them for a couple weeks!

Happy Birthday Little Hay

Hayley turned 1 the end of January! It's hard to believe that a year has already flown by, but I guess so much has changed! We love our little Hayley bug (especially cause she is sleeping 10 x's better at night now)! Our little princess...

We got to meet our brand new nephew/cousin on Hayley's birthday. Grandpa and Grandma were watching him for a week so they stopped on there way back home. Isn't he so adorable?! Hayley was only a tad bit jealous of him when I took my turn holding the little sweetness!
"Are you serious?"
"What is this stuff?" That stuff is sugar and she LOVES sugar! And she knows when anyone is eating it! I don't get how my kids just know! It's like they have a radar for sugar! So much for eating healthy! This girl is the worst eater!
Grandma and Hay
Grandpa and Hay
Happy Birthday little girl! We are so glad you are in our family, even with your little feistiness!