Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pea Party

I know that everyone who has talked to me probably thinks this post is about potty training, but it's not! Braden still has no interest in peeing in the toilet, but I am told by many that it will come and to not rush it. I don't know how to rush it because he just won't do it! Anyway, today we were outside enjoying the "fruits of our labor"--peas from our garden. Braden said "This is fun! We're having a pea party!" I thought it was pretty creative and funny of him to say that. The peas were very good. I don't really like peas cooked, but I could eat them fresh from the garden all day long. The boys enjoyed them too.
I would bite the peas out of the pod for me so Kyden was trying to do the same thing. Funny boy!

Mouthful of peas!
Cucumber man! He loves cucumbers from the garden. He can peel it by himself, help me cut it, and eat almost the whole thing. They are super good. Me and Jason's first garden (when Braden was a baby) was a disaster--it was a weed patch with a couple peas, beans, carrots, strawberries, and very bitter cucumbers growing within the weeds. So, we have always been a bit cautious about planting cucumbers because they were so bitter that first year, but these cucumbers this year are fabulous.
Our garden! --At the grandparents house of course since we don't have our own house yet. So, we have had a lot of help keeping it weeded, watered, and looking nice. Kyden likes to just trample all over everything.
Helping Grandma mow the lawn. Of course, they both couldn't ride at once so they took turns. What good little boys!

Kyden has more hair at a year than Braden had at 2 years so I haven't been able to bring myself to cut it yet. Plus, I just love the blond little curls. He might end up a blond like me for a couple years (mine got darker obviously). And he still doesn't have a ton of hair on top, just at the bottom--yes, he has a mullet, but I don't care. Jason had one too growing up.Just a side note--To all of you who have made a comment or talked to us about missing us in the ward, thank you!! We miss all of you too and it means a lot to us to hear that! And when I see anyone from the ward, it makes me miss it more. We are grateful for all the friends we have made in the ward and will always remember how wonderful you all are! We loved the ward and are sad to start a new adventure in life, but that's how the times roll. We are sad, but excited to see what the next year will bring for us. So, keep in touch! We love you all! (And no, we haven't found a house yet, but we will. I'll keep you posted! You'll be hearing all about it I'm sure!)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Randomness

We have been having a lot of fun this summer and staying busy. So... I don't know where to start so this post is pretty random. Braden and Kyden are so much fun! We love them so much! Although they test our patience every one in a while, they make us smile everyday.
Kyden found this winter glove and thought he was soooo cool wearing it!
My brother, Ray, and "the chunk of cheese" we had to throw away. We were able to spend a week with him in Arizona while attending classes. He is so fun to be around! He just makes me laugh. We stayed at our Grandparents sunbird condo so we bought food and cooked it there. Well, this was the leftover cheese! Bummer huh! That is actually the second 2 pound brick of cheese! Ya, you could say we love cheese! Braden and Kyden got to spend the week with Grandpa and Grandma P. They were happy to have us home, but I know they had a really good time while we were gone! And of course, they were spoiled rotten--that's what grandparents are for! Right!!
Happy Birthday DAD! Jason turned 27 the 20th of this month and was feeling pretty old, but we still love him and we don't think he is old! (Although both of us are feeling old--at least our bodies are--anyone else have that problem?) We had a family BBQ for his birthday and looking from the outside you would have thought it was Braden's birthday because we played red rover, duck duck goose, and whatever else Braden told us to play. He LOVES games and we have to play it his way or no way. We hope you had a fun birthday even though you did work all day! We love you so much! You're the best!!
How peaceful! And yes, this is a common sight in the morning--both boys in our bed. Good times! My dad reminds me that this will not last forever! They grow up all too fast--and then they talk back! Oh the days we have to look forward to!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Living at the Dentist

Braden went to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned about a month ago and guess what they found?! Yes, cavities galore!! Guess he got the wonderful genes from the parents! I really am not a bad parent--we took him to the dentist about 6 months before to have his teeth checked out and they looked alright, but not now. I have horrible teeth and Jason has okay teeth but had lots of cavities when he was little so our children are doomed!! When we're all done with the rounds of fillings, Braden will have visited the dentist 5 times (one being the 1st cleaning) and he's only 3! I feel so bad! We have already gone 3 times, so only 2 to go and it's not going to be pretty. He did fabulous on his first visit. He was such a big boy and they were so good with him. This picture was taken on his second visit. Going good so far--although if you look close, his bottom lip is going numb so his smile is funny. The teeth that the dentist filled was on the bottom and was really hard on Braden. The water kept gagging him and then they had to numb him some more. He was not a happy camper, but we made it through. Might I add that this visit was the only time I had to take Kyden with me and Braden had a hard time. Heavenly Father blessed me though because Kyden was wonderful. Let me just say that Braden doesnt' want to go to the dentist again, so wish me luck next time. But Braden really has been so good and the staff is so wonderful!

Random picture but if you look closely, you will see the big shoe Kyden is wearing. We were at my Grandparents house and he comes walking in with this shoe over his shoe. It was pretty funny! He loves shoes! If you ask him to find his shoes, he'll usually get the one that is closest which is usually a big one!

It's finally done

The beginning of a huge project! G&G P decided it was time to get a swingset for the grandchildren so they ordered it and had it delivered. And then it rained and rained and rained! And we waited and waited and waited! But it is finally finished now and the boys love it. Although some of it is still a bit big for the boys, they will be able to grow into it! That's what I love most about it and also it's adult proof too so I'm not going to break it if I try it out!!
Hmmmm, where am I going to put these rocks! (In my mouth for sure!!)
Working up a sweat and blisters on hands!
This is already fun Grandpa!
Can I help? This little PINK shovel was fought over a bit!
Are you sure you can get out of there?
Ooohh! What are they doing over there? I better go check it out!
In the playhouse part.

I love it!! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma! You're the best!!
Braden wanted a friend over the other day to play on his swingset, but no one could come over so we called Uncle Eric to the rescue. Now that he can drive, he can do what he wants. So he was so sweet to come over and play with the boys. They love Uncle Eric. And he even took him to get an icee!! What a nice uncle!!
Braden and Kyden love the swingset! It is so fun! Thanks Grandpa, Grandma, and Dad for spending countless hours putting it together, cementing, digging in the dirt,...! We love you!


Every year we go to Downata for the Dance Family Reunion (Grandma's P's side of the family) and have a blast. But this is the first year that both boys really enjoyed it! Braden wouldn't ever swim in this floating crab the other times but this time he wanted it--probably because Kyden was in one like it.
Sleepy boys! Kyden slept in this for almost an hour. How wonderful! Wish I had one my size!
Family photo!
This is what Kyden looked like the first day we swam--not so great!
Digging in the sand with Brooke and Mckayla (Jason's twin cousins). It rained a little on us so that's why they have shorts and jackets on.
Playing with DAD!
"Let me out!!" This pen was for the dogs because you have to have them leashed all the time, but I was tempted to leave Kyden in there with them--although, he probably would have found a way to break it down.
Digging in the mud and eating a little--or at least Kyden! There's something about eating dirt and rocks that Kyden loves!
Looks comfy! Roughing around with dad! Oh yah, and of course we stayed in the camper, not tents. We're done with tents for a while. We don't have much luck with them.
Doesn't he just look like a trouble maker! We'll we thought we lost him at one point during our stay at Downata. To make a long story short, he is just one curious little fellow. We found him driving Grandpa and Grandma Dance's motorhome! The joys of parenting!
Braden being a puppy! Kyden likes to copy him to so when Braden sticks his tongue out and pants like a dog so does Kyden. It's pretty cute!
King of the bed brushing his teeth. If we don't want Kyden to have his toothbrush but we need to brush our teeth, we have to hide from him because he thinks he needs to have his toothbrush every time we do. That's a good thing I guess!
We had a great time! Thanks for all the good fun and food! Dutch oven potatoes, chicken, and cobbler were by far the best!