Friday, April 23, 2010

I admire...

I admire families who have 4 children age 4 and under. I just couldn't do it! Good job to those of you who do! I think I would go crazy or something. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love children but I just couldn't have so many little bodies around 24/7. Once they get older, I'm sure it wouldn't be so bad as far as having to keep an eye on there ever curious minds. I just started babysitting my 2 cousins once a week for about 4 hours while there mom goes to work. I have been watching the older one off and on since she was a baby, but just added the little one who is 2 months old. The first day I watched them, I was holding Hadlee and thought to myself wow, if we had a baby every year, this would be my set up. Braden 4, Quincy 3, Kyden 2, and Hadlee 2 months. I'm not blogging about this because it was awful--it went really good having them all here. I can just see how it could get crazy having them all the time. I guess I would adjust like I do with everything else in life. Can you imagine 4 or more BABIES all at the same time--oh craziness!

Here's a picture of them all together. I love having these little girls in our home since we are all boy. There are actually 2 more girls in that family that the boys just love also.
What a cutie pie!
Kyden loves babies, but I'm sure if it was his baby that was at his house all the time, he wouldn't like them so much. He was sad when baby Hadlee was gone when he woke up from his nap-- and he was even awake to tell her by. Proud little boy.
When Hadlee was born, Braden told Jason that he didn't want any more sisters, just brothers. Jason said you don't have any sisters and then he started naming off all the cousins he plays with (which are all girls). Jason had to explain that those aren't sisters. But he has been very adamant about not wanting a sister ever, but the other day he softened when Hadlee was here and she smiled at him. He said he would take a sister someday. Who knows, he'll probably end up with all brothers!
Kyder's at Grandpa's office playing with his tractors--John Deere of course!
The boys!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Boy

Kyden turned 2 today--so I guess he's not little anymore!! Can you believe that it's been 2 years since that crazy story of a Baby Kyden born in the car was town news? It's hard for me to believe because it seems so unreal now--but it did happen! It will be a good story to tell Kyden someday!

Kyden had a nice day. The boys love cereal so for there birthdays they each got a sugary cereal (since they don't get that very often). Here they are eating Trix (why don't they make Trix shaped like fruit anymore? That was my favorite part of eating that cereal). Jason ate a bowl of Trix and when he was done, he said "Well, that didn't really hit the spot. Feels like I just ate a bowl of sugar." Isn't it funny how our tastes change as we get older?

For who knows what reason, Kyden wanted up in our closet. He's never done this before but today he wanted to lay up there. Don't you love the smile!
So the next 3 pictures are of the exact same things but I want you to look at his face in each of them. He started this new thing today with smiling and making funny faces for pictures. He would do this occasionally, but not for pictures! Goofy boy, we love you!

Lips sticking out!

Here is his awesome birthday cake that I slaved over forever! Ok, not really! I really wasn't up to spending hours in the kitchen making a cake for 8 people (4 grandparents and us) because I knew that most of it would be thrown away. Plus, I figured he wouldn't remember or even care what his birthday cake looked like at age 2! I'm probably just a bad mom for thinking that, but he absolutely loved this "cake" so that made me happy that I didn't slave in the kitchen all day. His new lawnmower that he loves from G&G P.
He wasn't too happy when he had to wait for Dad to get batteries for his new train from G&G S. He wanted his "choo, choo" right now! Oh and if you couldn't tell, he loves trains right now.
Driving his train fast.
Braden teaching Kyden how to play with his new book! Braden the little teacher!
Happy Birthday Kyden! You are such a blessing in our lives! We are so grateful you were born into our family. You bring so much joy to us every day. We love you and are so glad you had a good day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

I love Easter, but this year it just crept up on us too fast. We spent the weekend in Utah with family and friends. Jason had a mission reunion Friday night so we decided a couple weeks ago to make a weekend of it. My parents ended up getting tickets to conference so they decided to go, my sister lives in Salt Lake, and one of my brothers lives in Logan and came for a day so we all stayed together in the same hotel. It was a lot of fun. Friday we spent more than 3 hours in IKEA. I LOVE THAT STORE! I wish they had one in Idaho (but then I would probably spend more money). Now Jason understands how you can spend 3 hours in one store--it's huge! The boys were great and actually enjoyed it. We also ate lunch there which was fabulous. I think the price is great for the quality of food you get--at least with my meal.

I'm glad we went to Jason's mission reunion. It was fun to see some of the guys (and there wives) Jason went to Haiti with a couple weeks ago.

Before we left, Braden wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny telling him/her (???) that we were going to be in Utah and drew a map for him. He also asked him if he would come on Saturday instead of Sunday because that's when the Easter Bunny always came to me when I was a kid so that left Sunday to celebrate the true meaning of Easter. And he was one lucky boy because the Easter Bunny found him (and his brother I guess).

Rolling Easter eggs with there nose with Aunt Bec.

So, of all mornings, Kyden decided to get up at 6:45 Saturday morning to find Easter eggs. And what can you do with a little boy in a hotel room full of eggs filled with candy and sleeping people (since we were up until midnight the night before). Feed him chocolate!! He found an egg, tried opening it, gave it to me to open, I opened it, showed him what was inside, he looked at the chocolate eggs, licked his lips, and put all 3 Cadbury eggs in his mouth! Funny boy!

Swimming after egg hunting and breakfast. We had a blast! Probably the most fun I've had swimming in a long time and I don't like swimming much at all! Braden didn't want to get out and Kyden talks about it everyday since then.

Kyden and Grandpa in the hot tub.

Kyden sees G&G P's dogs fetch balls so he has started acting like them (luckily not all the time). He gets mad when he can't bite whatever he is trying to pick up and take somewhere. Here he is playing fetch!
And Kyden wearing my glasses! What a goof!

What a great weekend! Jason and I went to the Saturday afternoon session in the Conference Center. It is so wonderful to be in that huge building with so many people joined together in reverence and peace. There were so many wonderful messages shared throughout every session of conference. I will for sure have to listen to all the talks again because they were all so good--that's my goal for the next couple of months. It's funny how conference takes on a whole new meaning the older you get (at least that's how I feel). As a child, I was lucky if I could sit and listen (do both) only Sunday morning. Now, I want to listen to every session to hear what they will teach! It is always refreshing (and a bit overwhelming) to hear the things they say. I felt like they talked a lot about mothers and children. What a huge responsibility we have to care for these precious spirits, but what a wonderful opportunity. I am grateful for the gospel and for Christs love for me. I am truly blessed!!