Sunday, July 24, 2011

Braden's Preschool Graduation

Wow!!! I can't believe a whole year has gone by! We will soon have a Kindergardener! Crazy but so exciting! These pictures are from the last field trip of preschool and then from his preschool graduation/program.

Last day of preschool with there lunches in there backpacks for a picnic!
Kyden had to have his own lunch too because Braden got one! Wants to be just like his brother!
Braden and his certificate! He had a little black paper graduation hat but he took it off right after it was over. He was such a good sport and wore it the whole time with no complaints but it didn't stay on longer than that!
Mrs. Ottley with Braden! She did such a wonderful job and he loved her! It was a very fun year! We are so proud of Braden! He loves learning and was so good in preschool! Good job Braden!


Easter Morning (well actually the day before because we always do the hunts the day before)! Don't we all look so chipper and good looking!

Braden slept in his clothes! Surprise, surprise!! I hate to admit this but the boys have gotten into a habit of just sleeping in there clothes! Oops!
Grandpa helping out!
After this Easter egg hunt, we went over to G&G P's for another hunt! It was lots of fun and we got loads of candy!
Easter morning with the kids.

Random Catch Up

Well, you can see what 3 kids and a busy summer has done to me--I'm completely behind on blogging so I'll try and play catch up, but we'll see how far I make it! These pictures are from a couple months ago...

The boys goofing off at G & G's house! Love the bowl on Kyden's head for a hat. He was pretty proud of himself! My parents have had those bowls for as long as I can remember!
Looks comfy! He just laid down one day and fell asleep.
Kyden loves this dog costume! It is too small but he loves to wear it anyway!
Kyden finally warming up to the idea of having a sister! He loves to hold her now!
This was Hayley's first Sunday going to all of church the week after her blessing! Such a doll!
A little dazed! Kyden looks comfy!

Hmmmm....guess who put this helmet on Hayley's head???? KYDEN?!!!!

Sharing toys! What nice brothers!
More toys....
The volcano from Braden's preschool class that they loved!
My friend had a baby a couple weeks before me and we were able to get together. I think Hayley's got her beat in the weight department!

Introducing....our baby....Kyden! He loves getting into Hayley's baby things!
Sleeping like her brother's.
Really, who needs a couch when you have a counter to lay on to watch tv?
Pretty tired huh! Fell asleep at 6:00 dinner!
Our little chunky cutie!
Dad's last day at Deseret Book!
Big smiles!
Hayley was being fussy one night so my brother, Eric laid down by her and she put him to sleep instead of the other way around!
Another boy asleep at the counter! Except it was pretty late this time!
I had no idea what kind of mess these boys made in G&G's closet until I went in there a couple days after it was created! I asked my parents why they didn't have the boys clean it up and they said they just stepped over it because they knew the boys were having fun. What nice grandparents!
Sleeping good with his shoes on! He slept with them on all night and I had no idea! The things this kids does!!