Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flushed away

Our lives have significantly slowed down since the holiday's are over! We stay busy, but it seems like everyone was here at once and gone all at the same time! Isn't that life--when it rains it pours! We have had a lot of fun! The boys are growing up so fast it's crazy! Braden loves to hang out with his dad and play in the snow! Kyden likes to get into everything and put it all in his mouth! But we love them both and they are such a joy and blessing in our lives! So, story time, my phone is out of commission for who knows how long! And I can't even blame the boys on this one! I flushed it down the toilet yesterday!!! Yah...bad news huh! It fell out of my jacket pocket and in the toilet right as the water was getting flushed away! I really didn't even have time to realize what had dropped! All I saw was a black thing and GONE! And it wasn't even my own toilet--I was babysitting my aunts children! And then they called me last night to tell me that they found it! It was stuck in there toilet so they took the toilet off and there it was! Yah--poopy phone that doesn't even work! Good story though! I actually stayed quite calm since there was really nothing I could do about it! It was toast! Oh well, at least we have to get new phone because Edge changed to AT&T so we are being forced to renew! We said good by to Travis, Jessica, and Brielle who moved to Texas for Travis's intership and maybe full time job after 3 months! It was fun seeing them over the holidays and we will miss them! Here is a picture of the 3 cousins--the only 1st cousin the boys have so far!!Kyden, our little puppy!!I think we are getting closer to potty training, but I guess we'll see! Braden finally let us buy him a potty chair! We have gone to the store a couple times to buy one and every time Braden cries cause he doesn't want us to buy him one but he finally picked one out and we got it! He sits on it in his clothes--sometimes! It kind of scares me to actually potty train but I'll do it eventually! I'm not going to force him because I think that will just make it worse! But if he is four and not potty trained we will be doing some serious work!! Maybe Braden and Kyden will potty train at the same time!!
Okay, so update on the phone! While I was posting, my aunt brought my phone by and Jason tried the SIM card in another phone we have and IT WORKS! Crazy huh, but such a relief! We don't have to get new phones quite yet!! And what a blessing--must be doing something right!
And yes--a pink background! The boys are JUST FINE with it!!