Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, while the guys played basketball late into the night, Braden and Mady got to play together (and of course the best part was us moms getting to chat and catch up!!--that's the reason we get together to let the kids play so we can talk!! Play groups are good for that!) Mady and Braden play so good together! Mady is so cute--we just love her!

Braden and Mady watching a movie--one at each end of the couch with there chocolate milk! Guess one late night with chocolate milk won't hurt!! Braden is a night owl anyway!

Braden and Mady swimmin'--well sitting in there swimsuits! The guys went golfing so we thought it was a good excuse to get together. We grilled up some tin foil dinners when they got back and just had a good ole time! Thanks everyone who came! We had a blast! Except we had one big spill--Poor little Addi got a huge goose egg on her head from falling into the wall! Sorry Addi!!

Braden and Kyden in their John Deere shirts! Go John Deere!

Welcome Baby Brielle!!

Braden and Kyden's first cousin, Brielle!! Yah! We were so excited when she finally arrived! She was due July 16th, but just didn't want to come quite yet! She was finally born July 18th after almost 24 hours of labor! No fun--and quite different from my labors! No worry about a car baby here! Congrats Travis and Jessica on the new baby! She is a cutie! Every time we see her, Braden has to give her a kiss or many kisses! She seems so little compared to Kyden. Wow, 3 months is a huge difference at this age! They grow so fast in the first year or so!

Searle Family Reunion

We went to Mosida Lodge in Utah--in the middle of no where--for the big Searle Reunion. Despite the billion flies and mosquitoes, we had a great time. Jason wasn't able to go so me and the boys caught a ride with my parents in the burb. It was one snug ride (so it's kind of a good thing Jason couldn't go--it would have been a tight squeeze and we probably would have had to drive--this way we saved on gas!)

Braden hugging my cousin, Quincy. Braden loves my cousins since he doesn't have any (well he now has one which will be my next blog but...)! My cousins are more his cousins because they are his age and younger! I love that he plays with them! They all love him so much!!

We went on a pioneer trek with actual wagons. (Well, I stayed since in the air conditioned lodge with Kyden, but I kind of wished I could have went with everyone and there styling pioneer attire!) Braden got to ride in the wagon and had a good time frying in the sun!
Braden helping Grandpa made snow cones for everyone!
So lazy me--no rotated pictures! Grandpa (or uncle to everyone except Braden and Kyden) reading to the kids. The kids just flock to Uncle Bryan! He seems to attract every single kid! He is just so much fun!
Me and the boys getting ready to leave!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well, a friend had this on her blog and I decided to try it too. Please everyone do it! It will be so much fun for all of us!
:)First leave a comment on my blog about a memory you and I had sometime even if you know me a lot or just a little--any memory you have of us. Then because you leave a comment you have been tagged and get to copy this tag onto your blog for the memories to come pouring in. Please do it, I'm already trying to remember memories of all my blogger friends. Now...only nice memories (that especially applies to family members!) Have fun with it and PLEASE do it, I promise it will be fun! Thanks!

Yellowstone Park Reunion

We went to Yellowstone for the big Peterson Reunion last weekend. It turned out great and was a ton of fun! All of Kent's siblings, along with most of there families, were able to be there. It was fun to see everyone since we don't get to see everyone very often. We stayed in the camper while everyone else stayed in a nice cabin. It was a beautiful area. We went into Yellowstone Park Thursday and saw a couple animals, Old Faithful, and smelled that wonderful rotten egg smell! Jason and Braden went horseback riding on Friday with the family! Braden loved it, but it was a little too long for everyone--three hours on a hard saddle for people who are not used to riding! They were sore! We rode the 4-wheelers while there also. The scenary on top of the mountains there was just beautiful! I want to go back just for that! It was good to get away, but always good to get home! And I'm glad the weather was good for us!! I'm dreading winter--let's just not talk about it!


We went to Taylor Mountain for a picnic the other night with my family. My moms 2 brothers were killed in a plane crash 30 or so years ago and we went to see where it had crashed. It was everyone's first time seeing it--except my parents. I was so glad that I was able to go. It was different than I've always pictured but it was so peaceful and pretty there. It is weird to think that I have 2 uncles that I have never met and will be waiting for me in heaven. From the things I have heard about them, they seem like they were awesome brothers--they were 19 and 21 years old. I'm excited to someday meet them! Thanks for taking us up there Dad and Mom!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Trouble Maker

Braden was SSSOOOO proud of himself for putting baby ointment all over himself and all over our fan! I don't know why he did it, but he was sure excited about it until he had to take a 2nd bath for the day and then he cried and cried! I was just getting ready for the day and Braden wasn't making much noise, but he usually doesn't so I didn't think anything of it. I didn't catch him until he came in and showed me his white little hands and body! I just had to laugh! But I'm not laughing about the fan I have to clean up (I still haven't done that yet). Take a look at my proud little boy!

Happy 4th of July

Don't they look like angels all dressed up for the 4th of July!! Jason went golfing in the morning, but we couldn't tell Braden because he couldn't go and he would have been one mad boy. We went to G & G Searle's house at 4:30 p.m. so Braden could play in the mud and on the water slide. Braden had a blast once he warmed up! We ate dinner--dutch oven potatoes and marinated chicken. Delicious!! I played croquet (is that how you spell it??) with the girls while Jason watched the boys. How nice of him! We went to the fireworks about 9:30 and they were great! Braden actually liked them! Jason didn't go to the fireworks though because he had a headache and they wouldn't have helped much! We had a good day though!

Good Night, Sleep Tight!

My boys are funny when they sleep! Neither of them liked to be swaddled! They get mad when the blanket is too tight or sometimes if they even have a blanket on them! And they fall asleep anywhere (especially when I don't want them to)! When Braden was less than a month old, I have a picture of him sleeping like this with his arms out, but was too lazy to find it to put on here. Isn't it funny that they sleep the same?!
Right after Braden was born and was getting all cleaned up, we got a picture of him with his hands behind his back with head, just chillin' and I caught Kyden sleeping the same way the other day! Braden still sleeps like that! I don't know what's up with my boys, but I think it's pretty cute!
Braden fell asleep on the couch again! At least it was bed time and he had his pj's on!
My brother, Eric, and Kyden sleeping on the floor! Eric must have been pretty tired when he layed down with Kyden because he NEVER takes naps!

Braden's nap with his sippy cup on Aunt Bec's bed!

Mowing the lawn with Grandpa Searle! And he fell asleep about 5 minutes after I took this picture!

Family Reunion at Downata

We went camping and swimming to Downata last weekend for a family reunion. It was a lot of fun! Braden wasn't so sure about the water at first, but loved it by the end. He just needs a ton of time to warm up for everything now! And as you can see in the pictures he is a bit camera shy--he looks away when I tell him to look at me!

Love for Golf

Braden loves to go golfing and I am glad since I don't love it (because I am not good at it! I'm sure I'd like it if I was good! I just like going for the ride!) Braden will go with Jason and stay the whole 3 to 4 hours--however long it takes to golf 18 holes! He knows how to hold the club and swing and that he needs to be quiet when teeing off! He is a funny little boy! He even has his own golf cart--for Grandma's house!