Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wow! How the Summer Flies

So, I haven't blogged for a while so here's the catch up blog! We have been busy just as all of you have been and summer is over--the kids are back to school (not mine of course!)! It's kind of sad that summer is winding down. It went too fast, but doesn't it every year! I always think I will do so much and never get around to it. That's life for me though! I'm dreading winter, but I just don't think about that yet! So, here's a bunch of random pictures of what we've been up to!

Grandpa and Grandma's new Jeep that Braden LOVES! He feels soooo cool riding in it!
Braden made our bed! He pulled all the covers off and then spread this blanket out! He is so funny sometimes!
We went to Rexburg to visit the Pearson's and went to the Splash Park. It was a ton of fun! Braden and Madi play so good together. They decided to get in the water when no one was there and me and Ashley were freezing so they were ice by the time we made them get out. They loved it though and usually they are both a little hesitant to get into the water. The picture below this one is of what they wore home from the park. We didn't bring any extra clothes for them and Ashley had some shirts she was taking to the D.I. so they wore girl shirts! Styling--and Braden loved it!

Jason and I went to Arizona to a real estate college for a week. We were so lucky to be able to stay at my Grandpa and Grandma's townhouse there. They only live about 15 minutes from the college and they weren't there so it was great! Free stay and a place all to ourselves. We had a lot of fun! We left Braden with both grandparents and he did great! I was worried and even considered taking him with us, but I'm glad we left him. He was so good especially for being clingy to dad and mom for the last month! This picture is of Kyden at my grandparents place! We would go on walks at 7:30 a.m. because we couldn't go any later because it was so hot--like a blow dryer.
Kyden cheesin' it!Braden helping Kyden ride his bike! Can't wait till they can play together for real! Not looking forward to the fights though!

Playing dress up with Kyden! Jason hates it--what do you think? I think he's kind of cute!Braden got invited to my cousin, Taylor's, 4th birthday party! He had a blast! They went to Tauphus Park rides and then to the new park to eat McDonalds.
Happy 50th Gramps and Grams! Wow, can you imagine--50 years! My Grandparents are the BEST! They are great examples to me and I'm so glad I have them to look up to. I want to be just like them--or try to be anyway! We had a blast for the celebration. They didn't want a reception, just a day with all the family! Just some of the activities of the day included lunch, a slide show, singing by the grandchildren, how much do you know about gramps and grams, a dance, cruising in the corvet they rented for them to drive for the weekend, and so much fun! I loved it! Congrats to Gramps and Grams! We love you!

Braden and Grandma at the party! What a cute picture!
I just love this picture of the 2 of them! I just wish Kyden's hand was down! Oh well, can't be picky when Braden will actually smile!Kyden sleeping just like Braden! I think he looks just like Braden when he sleeps! He is so handsome--both my boys are , but I am there mom! !!Kyden loves his toes! He'll just sit and suck on them! Wish I was that flexible! Well, that wraps up our last month! Sorry, so many pictures, but I love them and thought it would be fun for the rest of you to see!! Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful summer! We had fun, despite how fast it flew by!!