Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sad day...and putting the Christmas stuff up

We were so excited to get our Christmas stuff out and decorate the tree! Come to find out, a water snow globe had broke in our move and then the box sat in our attic all summer long roasting all the water our and making everything moldy. And of course, it was in the box with all our ornaments and nativities from other countries. We had to throw away a chunk of them but it's ok because it's just stuff! We can always get new! We just can't get away from mold!!! Ahhhhh!
This one was the worst--it was molded shut and so nasty! It smelled nasty! We probably spread all sorts of mold spores all over our house! At least we're just renting! :)
Kyden and his awesome smile! Getting ready to put our tree up! We have always gotten a real tree but since we won't be spending Christmas at our house and they are so expensive to just buy and throw it away! So we got a cheap fake one! A tree is a tree! Fake or not!
We haven't ever made gingerbread houses so we thought this is the year to do it. We bought a kit and started on it! Wow, it was hard and it wouldn't stay together! We only had a few set backs but it is standing today!

It was a fun first time experience! Next time we'll do a couple things differently!

Thanksgiving at the beach

We spent Thanksgiving in Kauai! We had a lot of fun and it was just nice to be away from real life! The kids traveled super well (which I worried about more than I should have)! We spent most of our time on the beach. Some of the other things we did while there--hiked, zip lined, ate enough junk to last us a year, snorkeled... Here are a few pictures! Oh and to come--we surprised mom with a professional photographer to take family pictures. I'm just waiting to get them back!

Getting ready to go zip lining in our COOL gear! It was a lot of fun! We did a zip and dip--so we zip lined and got to swim in this private fresh water place and eat lunch.

Building forts with Grandpa. (We carried, in the car, those sticks from one location to another because Kyden "needed" them. He is so random!)
We broke open a coconut and then all ate it. Braden thought it was pretty cool and good!
Braden loved the waves and swimming in the ocean! It was fun seeing the kids have so much fun and enjoy themselves!
Hang loose!
Riding in the "cool" car--in there car seats I might add! Nothing like riding in a convertible in carseats!
The gang at church.
Thanksgiving lunch--filling our bellies with PB&J's! Yummy (I guess)!
Thanksgiving night we had the actual Thanksgiving food! Braden in his Hawaiian attire!
Kyden eating his food.
I hate to admit this, but we went to bed every night no later than 9! We were exhausted and the time change really did us in! We flew a red eye and got to Salt Lake around 9 Saturday morning. We then drove to Twin Falls for Jason's Family Thanksgiving dinner. I'm so glad we went! We were just a tad bit tired but it went smoother than I thought and it was fun to see everyone there!