Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Braden

We now have a 3 year old! Crazy! Braden turned 3 on Sunday and we had a fun day. He is getting so big and we love him so much! He brightens our lives and makes us laugh. He is so smart and we are grateful to have him in our family!! Happy Birthday Braden!!!

Well, cake wasn't so great if you couldn't tell by the look on his face! A combination of not a very long nap and embarrassed because of all the people. Plus, he doesn't really like cake so he just wanted ice cream. I ended up blowing the candles out for him.
He wouldn't sit by the cake so I had to get in the picture with him! Uncooperative! But the cake looks great huh! I can't take the credit, but my Mom did a Wonderful job!!
Braden got some play dough from some friends at playgroup and he loves it! He played with it ALL afternoon! Thanks Addi and Max!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Early Easter & Enjoying the Sunshine

So, the sunshine didn't last long, but we enjoyed a day outside while it lasted. It snowed a couple days later! Oh man--we just want REAL spring weather with no snow!! But what is REAL spring weather in Idaho anyway?
Being cool on the trampoline! He is pretty goofy though.
We went to Walmart about a week ago and picked out some Easter egg dying stuff (because I always procrastinate and then when we want to do it, I don't have the stuff). Well, Braden thought it would be fun to dye Easter eggs that same day and I said yes since Jason and I will be out of town the whole week before Easter. Plus, I'm sure he'll dye eggs with my brother, Eric. It was a lot of fun--besides the one red dye spill! Braden wanted to keep dying eggs but we ran out so this is all he got!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disney on Ice

We had a busy weekend (a week ago)! After spending a day in Island Park, we came home late Friday night and left for Utah Saturday morning at 8:30. Grandpa and Grandma "P" surprised us and got us tickets for Disney on Ice! Braden and Kyden loved it! Kyden slept for a half hour, but yelled and laughed for the rest of it! Braden was in awe the "Do it again, do it again". He wanted to stay for more, poor kid! But he is saving his ticket for next year!! Smart boy!
Grandma P and Braden before it started.
They look excited don't they!!
Braden and his Stitch cup! He thought he was sooooo cool!
Sorry, don't know how this picture got turned but it did and I'm too lazy to turn it back so there you have it! Mickey and friends! Proof that we were actually there!
All tuckered out! What a stressful day!

Island Park

We spent about a day and a half in Island Park with my family. It was busy, but fun! Braden loved riding on the snowmobile. He rode with Jason to Big Springs and loved the whole trip. I was worried but he did great!
Braden in his snow gear.
Looks can be deceiving! It looked nice and sunny, but it was pretty much freezing with the wind blowing! But we were lucky to at least still have snow!!
Swimming! Wow that was an adventure because the pool where we were staying was closed and we didn't know that until we got there (we were the first to get there) so we had to find another one! It took a while but we finally got everything situated and swimming was fun! There was a kiddie pool just for him and he really did have the pool to himself. He absolutely loved it! Kyden learned how to splash also so that was fun. Glad we were able to go.
It was my cousins 2nd birthday while we were there so we celebrated--with a pinata. Braden had a good time hitting it.After the pinata was opened, Kyden found the stick! He was probably eyeing it up the whole time! He loves anything long and skinny--pens, markers, sticks, pencils, chapstick! Yah, not the safest toy in the world!

Playing with balloons. Kyden loved, loved, loved the balloons. He would walk around holding a balloon above his head. He would walk back by the beds and all you could see was a balloon bobbing by the beds. It was pretty cute!
Quincy (birthday girl), Abby, Braden relaxing in there chairs. What the life!

Partners in crime

Yes, those are beans ALL over the place! I was grinding wheat when I asked Braden to pick up the small pile he made up! And this is what I found! The whole box empty and guess who got to clean it ALL up! Yep, me! That's what mom's do--clean, clean, clean! It's alright though--I wouldn't trade my boys for anything! And they are growing up way too fast. I also found them in the dog food the other day emptying the food into the water bowl! I think this is just a warning for the future and all the trouble they are going to get into! Wish me luck!
Matching Little Guy sweatshirts! Jason is supposed to get one that says Big Guy! Kyden looks like he has been caught and yes he does have a bunch of cards scattered around.
Braden was having quiet time on the couch and it got really quiet (because he was reading books to himself) and this is how I found him.
Jumping on the bed!
Yes, the toilet paper! I think every kid has to have a picture like this!