Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peterson Family Pictures

This is the first time that all the Peterson's have been together for 2 years and since the last family picture, 2 children have been added to the family (with one on the way) so it was time for a new one. Since Jesse got home, everyone was visiting so it was perfect time to get pictures. Caroline Anderson took our pictures and I think they turned out pretty good. Although the children could have cooperated a bit more, oh well!

How do you get 3 children to sit still? Especially when two of them are 2 year olds! Braden tried to get them to stay still!
Grandparents with there Grandkids!
This one is a little bit better?!!
I think the outside pictures turned out better and the kids did a little better too. So this is everyone--from left to right: Jesse, Brielle, Jessica, Travis, Mickie, Kent, Kyden, Jason, Candi, Braden, Jerico and Doug.

I love this one. His eyes get me every time!
What a handsome stud!
Now this one on the other hand--what a cutie but what a handful! He didn't want his picture taken--hence we didn't get any of the 2 boys together and I didn't realize it until we were leaving! We tried! But he still melts my heart!

And we couldn't forget a picture of our only cousin Brielle! Kyden and Brielle are only 3 months apart! Cutie! It was fun seeing her especially since we only get to see her once a year if that!

Peterson and Searle Reunions

Two of our big family reunions this summer happened to fall on the exact same weekend, but isn't that how if always goes--you don't have a thing going on for weeks and then everything seems to happen at once! So, Uncle Jesse got home from his mission July 12th, we left July 14th for Boise for the big Peterson Reunion (which they only hold every other year). We stayed there until Friday the 16th when we headed home for the big Searle Reunion that started Friday and ended Saturday. Uncle Jesse spoke in church Sunday and then everything slowed down just a bit (not really--seriously who am I kidding--life never slows down)!

The boys loved sleeping in the tent. They slept all night and ended up pretty much on top of each other! They played hard!
We got to go to white water rafting while we were in Boise at the reunion. It was a ton of fun! Braden even loved every minute of it. The only bummer about it was we took Kyden because we had called and they said he could go. Well, we got there and they said the water was running a little high today so he couldn't go. Yah, and the mean parents we are we left him in the day care there at the raft place. It broke my heart. I've never left him anywhere that he doesn't know a single person so it was tough. But I'm glad now that he stayed because it was a little rougher than I thought it would be and he probably wouldn't have liked it that much.
We got soaked--obviously! The instructors even left us get out and swim in the calm parts. We had a blast!

We also went to a Wizard of Oz play. I didn't really think about it until we got to the mountains where the play was that I don't even like the Wizard of Oz. I never have. Growing up watching it, it gave me the creeps and I just don't like it. Anyway, it was interesting to say the least. And Braden HATED it!! He even got so scared he started crying and we had to take him out--before intermission. It was a lower scale play so they did the best with the props they had. But it lasted over 3 HOURS LONG!! Wowsers!! Jason and Braden spent there time watching from the outside gate. About 20 minutes into the show Braden turned to me and said "Wow, this is weird and boring!" He's got his own personality alright. The funniest part was the munchins. All the people were on rolling stools and had big dresses on. Yah, I can't describe it very good and we weren't allowed to take pictures, but it was funny!

Now for the Searle family reunion. It was just low key this year which I actually loved. They went to a temple session Friday night (which we missed since we were driving home). The kids who could did baptisms early Saturday morning. Breakfast was at 9 at my aunts and uncles house and it was fabulous. We had a program and visiting and lunch! It was fun!

The kids in the jumperoo thing.

Grandpa and Grandma singing there little song.

Friday, August 20, 2010

When I started dreaming a lot...

That's when I knew I was pregnant--Weird but I hardly ever dream except when I'm pregnant so that was one of my first clues to know I was pregnant!! 3rd child is on it's way and will make his/her entrance February 2nd (or before!!)--so that makes me almost 17 weeks now. We are all super excited! Braden thinks the baby is a girl so guess we'll see in a couple weeks. I would love to have a girl but I won't be disappointed if it is a boy because I just love my boys! I am feeling pretty good now since I'm in the best part of pregnancy--you know not as nauseous all the time and not quite so tired (at least that's how my 2nd trimesters go). Plus everyone is finding out so it's not like I'm just gaining weight cause I'm eating to much--there's a baby growing inside me!