Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Sweet Baby Girl

Hayley Jo
Born Friday, January 28 at 3:32 am
Weighing 7 lbs. 2 oz
19 inches
We are so happy she is here!

More pictures coming--just give me a second to get myself organized!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Ag Show

Every year, we go with Grandpa and Grandma to Pocatello to the Ag Show in the Mini Dome. The boys love it (I just go along for the ride)! My mom was worried about me the whole time because of all the walking we were doing (but I was fine). I think she was afraid it would put me into labor! My parents are out of town for a week and get back about 5 days before my due date (February 2nd). My mom doesn't want me to have our baby while she's gone because that happened once before with Braden! Guess we'll see!

Kyden with Grandpa and Braden with Ray checking out all the tractors.
Just thought this was cute.
Driving the tractor...
You can just see the happiness and excitement on there faces!

Getting Ready...

For our Baby Sister...
The boys were pretty excited to be helping dad put the cradle together for there baby sister. Hopefully they are just as excited when they get to actually meet her and
have her in there home!
And here I am about to pop! I don't think I could do twins or multiples
of any sort! I would really pop then! Sorry, I look a little tired or something in this picture--must just be the pregnancy look!! UGH!!
We are excited to have a little girl in our family! It will be different for sure, but a welcomed different! I have to admit, I'm just a little nervous about going into labor since the last time I went into labor, it ended with Kyden being born in the car! But the closer it gets, the less nervous I am which sounds weird, but it's true! Our baby girl still doesn't have a name so wish us lots of luck deciding on one! We are horrible at picking out names!

Our Mr. Fix-its

The boys, especially Kyden, love to raid both Grandparents odds and ends drawer with all the old tools and random stuff (I'm sure you all know the sort of drawer). Most of the stuff probably isn't the most kid friendly things ever, but oh well! So I finally got some pictures of them and here they are...
The drawer...
The boys at work...
The tool box (or a tin can my parents got from someone for Christmas that Kyden found and uses as a tool box--which now have dents all over in it--oops!!
The boys have really started to play good together (on most days)! I love it when I can sit in the other room and just listen to them play, be creative, and work things out. Kyden is really talking good now so it's fun to hear what his brain comes up with. If I can't understand him, I ask Braden and he can usually tell me what Kyden is saying--nice huh!! Love our boys!!

All tuckered out from a hard days work!! What a life!
Comfy huh! Really who would want to sleep like that! If I laid like that for a couple minutes, my neck would kill me!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Dream Came True!!!!

The swagger wagon! Love this!

Well the time has come for our family to make the big switch from this...
to this...

Never in a million years would we have dreamed of owning a VAN!! But we are now the proud owners of one! After biting our pride a lot, we got a van. My family will laugh forever about this because I vowed I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER drive a van! I strongly disliked our vans growing up and was very adamant about never driving one. I'm now eating my words since I drive a van. To tell you the truth, it really isn't so bad. Once you bite your pride and get over the laughing spells you have every time you drive it, vans aren't so bad. They really are quite convenient with children. The boys LOVE it! Especially the automatic doors! I do have to say that vans have made a huge improvement since I was a kid so they really aren't so bad! I was pretty sad to see our Honda go (loved that thing), but guess it's that time in our lives...bring on the the van family!