Sunday, September 25, 2011


Wow! We can't believe that we have a child old enough to go to Kindergarten but we are so excited for Braden! His first day was September 1st and he LOVES LOVES LOVES it! He loves to learn and do homework and check out library books and make new friends. His teacher is wonderful and we are so glad that he likes Mrs. Baxter. We were kind of shocked on the first day of school when I dropped Braden off at school and he walked into the school and to his classroom by himself. That kid is growing up! He is so brave! What a handsome little fellow!
Before he started school, we got to go meet with his teacher. She asked him to make and bring a "Me page" with him when he came to meet her. Braden completely loved doing this. He loves to draw and he drew too many pictures so we had to put them on the back.

Picking him up!
We took Braden out to dinner for celebration of his first day of school. His pick. It was fun!

Oops..hope she survives!

Well, one day Hayley was being crabby so I put her on the counter while I finished filling our honey jar up. I turned around for a second and when I looked back this is what I found...Hayley's hand digging in. honey for a year you say! Well, lets just say she may or may not have gotten a lick or 2 of honey. Oops! It just had to be something she's really not supposed to have! Little stinker! But with a smile like that, how can you be mad at her!
Oh yep, your caught!!!
Being the nice brother Kyden is, he decided to share some chocolate with Hayley one day after her nap. He even had to unwrap it for her. He was so proud of himself. We heard Hayley crying after her nap but I wanted to finish up what I was doing so I guess Kyden took matters into his own hands and went to check on her. This is what I found when I went to get her. I wondered why she wasn't crying any more. Chocolate does wonders!! Did I mention that this chocolate had chunks of peanuts and toffee in it! Another food she's not supposed to have! But she sure was happy!
Kyden loves his sister...just a little too much (most of the time)! He wouldn't even touch her for the 1st month of her life but now he just can't get enough of her. Just wait till she can beat on him--he better watch out! He was being a big helper this day feeding her (and gagging in between bites when she would spit it out). He's so goofy!
It's a miracle that these little ones survive especially when they have older siblings beating up on them and feeding them things they shouldn't have or leaving out toys that are just too little. But they do survive---hopefully they just get tougher!

Brad and Bec's Wedding

My beautiful sister got married July 8th to a wonderful guy, Brad. We are so happy to welcome him to our family! Aren't they so cute?! They are doing so good and we are so happy for them. They seriously have a million awesome pictures from there wedding (engagement, bridals, wedding, reception) but here are just a few...
And this is how the temple zone! But guess it doesn't matter what it looks like just that they got married in the temple!

The whole family...
Best of friends! We really are! I'm so lucky to have such a great sister and we get along! Love her!
Little Hay peeking out! What a long day for little ones! But she was a good sport!
Our little family
The loves of our lives! What would we do without these little ones! We love them even when they might just drive us crazy...just a little!!