Saturday, September 20, 2008

Braden's 1st Pet

Grandma P (as Braden calls her) bought Braden a hermit crab at Spud Day. How fun! Braden loves it and will hopefully continue to like it!
Getting the crab into his new home.
The beginning of the parade...
Braden with fun Aunt BecAnd the rain begins...
Trying to stay dry!
It's a bummer that it had to rain on Spud Day! It has been beautiful all week long and it will probably be nice tomorrow but it rained and poured today! I think that Spud day is bound to be awful weather every year! Well, it cleared up at the end of the parade but then our day was cut short by the rain! Oh well, no biggy!

Splash Park Closed

So, we finally made it to the Splash Park in Rexburg--only a week late! We had ALL summer long to go and we never did, but when we finally found the time, it was closed! We didn't even think about it closing since it has been such beautiful weather lately! We were bummed, but the kids loved it anyway! We all crammed into one car and had a blast! Thanks for driving Cassie (and for having a big enough car to barely fit all of us!)

Sharing with his brother--even though he is totally not old enough for a popsicle! What a nice big brother you are Braden!! And Kyden loved it! He wants to eat everything now! Kyden loves his brother Braden. Kyden smiles at him every time he sees him! It is so much fun! They will be best buds someday (with a few fights I'm sure!)
Braden with Uncle Eric at his soccer game. He loves his Uncle Eric and he sure cheers loud for him.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Brielle's Blessing

Baby Brie was blessed on Sunday. Isn't she a doll?! Check out Travis and Jessica's blog for pictures of just her! I'm sure they have plenty! I don't have any of just her because we were lucky to get these right before church. We found out Saturday night that my Dad was being put into the new Stake Presidency at 10 a.m. Stake Conference and we just couldn't miss that. The blessing was at 9 a.m. in Rigby so we cruised up there and left right after the blessing. We felt bad we didn't get to stay, but sometimes that's just how things happen. At least we got to see that sweet little thing in her cute blessing dress and hear her blessing! We are so excited for dad to be in the Stake Presidency (1st counselor)! He will do an awesome job and we know that is what he is supposed to be doing now! Who knows what will happen with mom though--she is the Stake Young Women's President of 1 year! Man, busy family! Oh yah, Braden was eating a cracker while we were taking pictures so they didn't turn out the best, but it's fun to have pictures of the 3 of them!