Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Driving the GATER!

Grandpa and Grandma got Braden this gater for Christmas (to stay at there house of course!) He really isn't old enough for it, but he can finally push the pedal and drive it--in a circle anyway!

Almost lost his head!

Bec taking a spin with Braden! Hang on! Braden loves his Aunt Bec! She sings and dances and plays games! She's the BEST!Grandma and Kyden enjoying the beautiful calm night!

He's staying FOREVER!!

Yah, I think that's what Braden is now thinking--HE'S STAYING FOREVER! Braden was clingy before Kyden was born and then was perfect for the first month and now he's clingy again. He won't even go with either Grandparent without us. He'll grow out of it eventually and not want anything to do with mom and dad someday so I guess I better enjoy it while it lasts! So, I think Braden finally realized that Kyden is not going "HOME". This is his home. We are his family. Last week, Braden bit Kyden's finger and then decided to bite his head the next day--well scraped his head with his tooth. Cool huh! That's what the picture is--the bite on his head! Wow, the joys of parenthood! Stressful, but worth it in the end! I love it! (So, I'm lazy so that's why some of my pictures on turned sideways still. Oh well! Ya do what you can!)

The Zoo

We took Braden to the zoo last week and he loved it! He didn't want to leave! We went with Addi and Max! It was a ton of fun and the kids were pretty good. It was nice having Jason there to keep and eye on the kids since he was the only dad that could make it! Thanks for going Jason!! We played at the new park at Tauphus Park and it is awesome! Braden threw a fit when we had to leave--that's what the picture is at the end! He was MAAAADDDDDD! He loves to throw fits now!! CHEESE!

Braden didn't like the petting zoo very much! Jason tried making him pet the goat, but he got scared!

Fun at the park!

Jessica's Baby Shower

Jessica's baby shower was fun! She is expecting the 3rd grandchild in the Peterson family--our boys being the first and second--and it's a girl!! We are all pretty excited for a girl so hopefully it is a girl!! I'll post pictures when that precious baby is born! Thanks to all who came and for all the cute presents! I think she's ready for the baby--at least to not be pregnant anymore!

Summer Solstice Party

Cassie threw a Summer Solstice (I really don't know how to spell that word and I am too lazy to look it up so this is how you get it!) Party--it was last minute, but it sure was fun! Thanks Cass! The kids loved playing together! They only got into a couple fights! Mady and Braden cheesing it on the swings!
Cassie, Ashley holding Kyden, and Amanda. Our favorite part of getting together--chatting! That's the reason we get together--to keep us sane! Sand and water! The kids loved it, but it sure makes a mess...but whatever keeps them occupied we love!

Oooh laa laa! Mady making the moves on Braden! What a cutie! Playing DDR. Braden thought he was so good! We had chocolate moulton cake that Cassie slaved over. It was delicious! Thanks for being such a great hostess, Cass! You spoil us!

Fishing at the Kid's Pond

Braden's first experience fishing! He loved it--for the most part! We were ONLY there for 2 two hours before we caught one little fish, while the kids next to us kept catching fish after fish. How embarassing!! Jason wanted to stay longer after he finally caught a fish, but I was ready to go and since it was a kids pond is for kids 14 and younger, Jason couldn't stay by himself. Bummer! Braden freaked out when the fish came out of the water and was flopping all around! He didn't like that much! It scared him! I thought it was funny though!

Uncle Jesse's Farewell

We went to Provo Wednesday, June 18th to see Uncle Jesse go into the MTC. He is going to serve in Korea. We are so excited for him! But all of you who have been so lucky to go to the MTC know how fun it is! What killed me was seeing Jesse hug his parents and Jason! Jason just loves Jesse and will really miss him (especially on the golf course), but we know that Jesse will be a wonderful missionary and will be home before we know it! We also celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary that same day! Wow, what a great 4 years! We have had our good times and our bad, but we have grown so close and I'm sure we will just grow closer as the years go by! I wouldn't trade the last 4 years for anything! Jason, you are the best! And we love being parents! Somedays it is pretty tough, but the joy our 2 boys bring into our lives is worth it! I just don't want them to grow up! It is a terrible world out there!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day

Jason has been in Arizona all week so with father's day approaching, it makes me appreciate him even more! Thank goodness for husbands! He does so much for us! We missed him a ton and it will be nice to have him home again! I would not want to raise my children without him! I really don't know how single parents do it. It just seemed a bit weird to have him gone--we've never been apart for that long. And Braden missed his dad but luckily we live by both of our parents so they could take our minds off missing him. We love our dad! Thanks for all you do for us! You are the best!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random June Pictures

Uncle Doug and Aunt Jerico gave these shirts to Braden and Kyden for there birthdays! Thanks guys! Doesn't Braden look like such a nice big brother?! Sometimes he is, but I think he has realized that this baby is not leaving! He gets a bit jealous sometimes and tells "the baby" to "MOOSE" which means move. He is so funny sometimes. He found Kyden's moles (A.K.A. boobies) the other day. He always points at my mole on my neck and Jason's on his face so when he saw Kyden's little boobies, he thought they looked like moles! Braden fell asleep while eating crackers the other day at 5 o'clock! Not exactly what I wanted him to do! He fought taking a nap so I figured he would go to bed a bit early, but not this early! I had a hard time waking him up, but I had to or he wouldn't sleep at night!
Jason, Braden, and Kyden all matching and it wasn't even planned! Aren't all my boys cute!
First smiles!! Kyden is smiling and cooing now! It is so fun, but I can't believe how fast he is growing up! My baby won't be a baby anymore before I know it!
Taking a LITTLE spin on Grandpa's motorbike! He loves his Grandpa (Grandpa's and Grandma's too)!