Sunday, June 12, 2011

Las Vegas for Jesse and Suzanne's Wedding

Jason's little brother, Jesse, got married in the Las Vegas Temple April 15th. To be honest, I was excited for them to get married but not so excited about taking the trip with 3 kids--especially with a new baby! But it was actually a good trip and it's a good thing that Hayley was so little because she slept most of the way. She only cried for the last 3 ish hours of the 12 hour trip. I'd say that's pretty good! It should have only taken 9 hours but we made a couple long stops so it took longer! On the way home, it only took us 10 ish hours so not bad. Here's the boys at the beginning of the trip with there dvd player! I have no idea how our parents traveled without the electronics we have now! I wouldn't want to do it without a dvd player now!
And here's the happy couple! Congrats Jesse and Suzanne!
I wasn't planning on going into the temple for there sealing because I wasn't about the leave the kids with a complete stranger but Uncle Doug and Aunt Jerico came to the rescue. They live in Vegas and have some good friends who were more than willing to watch them. I just have to tell you how wonderful these people are! Thanks Damien and Bren!! Our boys don't just go to whoever whenever! They are pretty people shy! Even people they know so when they attached to these people right away I knew they were great! Bren came over the night before to meet us. Within 20 minutes of her being there, the boys were showing off there mad dancing skills and sharing there food with her! She just has a way with people! I'm so grateful for them for being willing to spend a whole day with us! The boys LOVE them and still talk about them! Wish they lived closer!
Night before we headed home--family night at California Pizza Kitchen! Love that place! (Probably because we don't have one anywhere close to us!)
Wow, this was a nightmare!! We wanted to take the boys to M&M world and to see the light and water show and we'd been telling them we could go. Well, we ended up going later than planned! The strip was packed with people, elevators weren't working so we had to carry the stroller up and down stairs, the strip is no place for children (especially at night), it was hot, Hayley was fussy, Kyden almost fell asleep before we even got to M&M world, we parked a long ways away (thinking we were closer), we didn't even see the water show because we were exhausted...made for a long night and a pretty pointless stroll down the strip! But we made it and got a picture and some M&M's because I wasn't about to leave that store without something to show for our LONG walk!!!
I love this picture! I think it's so cute! It was from the reception in
Shelley the weekend after the wedding!
Cousins--Brielle & Hayley
Cousin Brielle was able to fly here with her dad for the reception. Her mom had just had a baby boy so she wasn't able to come! We missed her but were happy that Travis & Brielle were able to come! It was fun seeing them!

Happy Birthday Kyden

Kyden turned 3 on April 8th! He is such a funny boy! He is always coming up with something crazy to say or do. We can't get enough of his silliness!
Yep, you got it--It snowed on his birthday so...
Dad helped Kyden build a snowman! It fell over right after I took this picture
but they sure did have fun building it!
He invited cousin Quincy over to play for his birthday! They had fun playing!
Both boys got scooter cars for there birthday from Grandpa and Grandma! We were all (these things can hold up to 200 pounds) trying them out inside since the weather was awful until we realized they were making marks on G & G's floor! So, grandma banned everyone except Braden and Kyden from riding them inside. Bummer cause they are fun!
At last minute, we decided to take Kyden to Red Robin for his birthday dinner. Jason had to close at work, but got there just in time for dinner. I was shocked that he let them put these balloons on his ears and sing to him. It must be because he LOVES balloons!
We were planning to have a family birthday party on the Sunday after his birthday but poor Kyden got sick so we had to cancel it! He's still waiting for his party like Braden's with kids and presents! Sorry Ky--maybe next year!

Happy Birthday Braden

Braden turned 5 on March 29th! We can't believe we have a 5 year old! How the time flies! We love our little man! He is so smart and such a big helper!
Opening his presents first thing in the morning!
His birthday party! We invited a few friends and just played games. I think they all had a blast! (Notice Kyden holding one of Braden's opened presents--it's tough when it's not your birthday! And your brother is getting all sorts of fun new toys! He loved the present he's holding and thought it was his.)
We took Braden and Kyden to Leo's Place to celebrate that afternoon.
Braden especially likes the arcade games.
Braden with his "birthday cake"! Okay, this makes me look like a big slacker mom--really who makes brownies and uses paper to write something on it! But Braden doesn't like cake and wanted brownies so I didn't see the point in spending tons of time trying to make brownies look good because he didn't care!
Love you Braden! You're the best!