Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun

We had a great Christmas! This is Christmas Eve waiting for Uncle Jesse to call from his mission in Korea. Braden loving on his brother a little too much and cute cousin Brielle wanting to join in on the fun!
Talking to Uncle Jesse! Braden loves his uncle Jesse and can't wait until he will be home (in 1 1/2 years!!)
After talking to Jesse, we went to my grandparents house for soup, singing, visiting, laughing, the Christmas story, games, and fun. Kyden was big Baby Jesus (it's a good thing they don't come out that big!!) and Braden wouldn't cooperate (he's not even in the picture)!
Cute picture huh! Notice the goofy brother in the back! When I was taking the pictures, I had no idea he was in them until after! Funny though!

It is a rare occasion when we get a picture of just the two of us so I thought I would post it for the fun of it! Love you honey!
Picture with my Great Grandpa Christensen. He is 96 or so--I can't remember now, but he just keeps on a ticking! He is such a sweetheart!
After dinner, we went to my parents house to open the traditional pj's present from my parents! Who knows how long that tradition will continue with the added family members! We will start the tradition with our kids because I love it so much. We also opened our gifts from our siblings--we draw names and always open those presents on Christmas Eve. We also sit around an angel candle (sounds weird but it's neat), drink hot chocolate, eat donuts, and talk about what we are thankful for. It always brings the spirit of Christmas more to light.
Christmas morning began with Braden saying he was too tired to get out of bed. We finally got him up though and the fun began. We are staying with Jason's parents right now and so is Jason's brother, his wife, and baby (for 2 weeks before they move to Texas) so it was one big happy Christmas. Braden got the kitchen he has been asking for with some dishes (Santa's workshop slaved over that white trash cardboard kitchen that luckily he loves). And no he is not turning into a girl because he likes to cook! It's just a phase and I think it is so cute!
Kyden went straight for the food! He knows exactly what those are! Kyden wasn't interested in helping unwrap his presents--just in putting anything and everything in his mouth (he is our little vacuum) and playing with Braden's toys!
Kyden stole Brielle's bottle--he doesn't even know what a bottle is but he sure did want it!
The grandchildren lined up with there new pillows and matching blankets.
Kyden also just liked playing with the empty boxes. He climbed right on top of this one.
After we opened presents at home, we went to my parents house where we ate an awesome breakfast cooked by my Dad (as tradition is) full of hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice. It was yummy! But Braden never made it to the breakfast table. He knew there was a present for him under the Christmas tree from last night (he doesn't forget anything!!) so that's right where he went first. He got a tool set he wanted also. He always gets grandpa's out of the tool drawer to use and now he won't have to.
Kyden with his presents!
Braden with his presents from Santa and G&G Peterson.
We went to a movie Christmas afternoon because that is the Peterson tradition to go to a movie Christmas Eve--it just worked better this year to do it on Christmas. The boys were great and we had fun. Thank you everyone for making our Christmas so wonderful! I can't believe it is over already! It always comes and goes so quickly. I stress about gifts for months and then it is over in a day, but good memories are created! Merry Christmas and hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving in...Hawaii

Yes, we had Thanksgiving in Kauai, Hawaii! Lunch was served up with p.b. and jelly sandwiches, carrots, water and tuxedo cookies! What a feast! We did go to a lauai (don't know how to spell) for dinner which was a ton of fun and super yummy! Braden loved the fire guy and the dancers! We spent a week in Hawaii with my family. The boys were great! I started worrying about them the closer it got to the trip, but they were wonderful on the 4 airplane rides and the many car rides. It was so nice to just be away for a week together every day not having to worry about a thing! Everyone needs a week like that! The weather was perfect--we couldn't have asked for a better week. It was pouring rain when we flew in and rained for about a day. It was calling for rain the whole week, but it didn't rain again until we flew out! What a blessing! So, we saw a lot of sun on the beach and pretty green scenery! My cousin and his wife were there too with her family and we got to see them which was fun especially being so far from home!

Braden loved the sand and water! He cried ever time we had to leave! He was so much fun! He thinks we are going back in the morning!Kyden loved being outside and we had to work hard to keep him from eating the sand, but he hated the water!On a hike down to Secret Beach where we all got eaten alive by mosquitos and just about died coming out of there from the steep incline!Grandpa and Braden playing in the sand. Good thing Grandpa came along (since this trip was his idea) to keep Braden entertained!
Grandma was so nice to watch the little boys while the rest of us went zip-lining over canyons and water on 8 different lines and 1 suspension bridge. It was a ton of fun and thanks mom for watching the boys. (She went ziplining when they came to Hawaii in January so she didn't care if she went or not.)The crew--Bec, Ray, Dad, Eric, Mike, Angie, Candi, Jason (Mom, Braden, and Kyden at condo).At Secret Beach. We went there 2 different days--one day the boys played in the waves for 2 hours or more but the second day the waves were huge. No one even got close. We decided to leave after about an hour there and go to a different beach where the waves weren't so big and right after we got everything picked up, a huge wave came crashing in where we were sitting! Good thing we moved--especially the little boys! Scary!
Grandpa and Kyden! First time Kyden got his little toes in the water! He's not so sure!

We flew out Saturday night at 9:30pm (12:30am our time) so Braden was tuckered out!
We are so grateful we were able to spend a week with my family! I love my family and am so grateful for them! They are the best (along with my in-laws who are wonderful--couldn't ask for any better ones--honestly, I'm not just saying that)! I have been blessed to the max! Thanks Dad and Mom for a wonderful week! We love you!