Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hayley's Current Obsessions

We love our little Hazel bug! She is so funny and learning something new everyday! She is growing up way too fast! Some things that Hayley loves is...
Sticking her tongue out--It's ALWAYS out! Cute little tongue.
Getting into everything--like pots and pans, crayons and glue left out by her brothers and anything else she can get her hands on! It's a little harder with older kids who have small objects that seem to find there way in her mouth!

Trying to climb stairs. She's already fallen down them twice so she doesn't go near them when she at the top but she's trying to figure out how to go up them. I've caught her up the first flight of stairs (3 stairs) a couple times! Little trouble maker!
Another picture of Hayley getting into things left out by the brothers--first marshmallows and then a cotton ball that got stuck to her sticky hands! She was funny trying to get it off!
The bathroom in general! Loves it! What is it about babies and bathrooms--they're nasty but they love them! Toilet paper--but at least she hasn't figured out how fun it is to unroll the whole thing.
Playing in the toilet! She loves taking a bath and splashing in the water so the toilet is just like a mini bathtub to her! Nasty!
The tv and everything around it!
She dislikes baby food! She's never really liked it! But she does love to beg food off us! Don't ask me how she knows but she especially begs food off of us when it's cookies or ice cream or chocolate! Little beggar! We love her! She is so happy, yet a bit feisty too. She has quite the personality! It's fun seeing it come out more everyday! I love seeing all that she is discovering. They learn so much in that first year. A lot of work but she is so fun! And her brothers just adore her!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Happy Halloween!! We had 2 Bumblebee Transformers and 1 little fairy (or butterfly as the boys thought) to go trick-or-treating with. We tried to convince one of the boys to be a different transformer but finally gave in and got them the same costume (and yes we bought them--Mrs. Lazy is my name, plus I figured it was worth the money for them to play with afterwards). Halloween isn't my very favorite holiday. I don't like spending money on costumes or candy. It's just kind of weird going to people's houses that you barely know and asking for candy. Usually we visit family and some friends and get lots of candy but this year we weren't by family so we settled for neighbors. It was fun, but random! Also, before Halloween when people would ask what the boys were going to be, they would say bumblebee--I had to clarify that they were going to be Bumblebee Transformer not a flying stinging bumblebee. Ha ha!
Looking at there loot!
I don't think they were very tired after trick-or-treating. What do you think?
Carving pumpkins
Angry bird and Smurf. Jason pretty much did them both! Great job!
Grandpa and Grandma decided last minute to go to Salt Lake so they stayed at our house on there way there. It was fun seeing them for a little bit!
I helped in Braden's classroom with the Halloween party. I was in charge of the treat--decorating sugar cookies. It was fun seeing all of his new friends. His teacher is so wonderful and sweet! She was sick the other day and he came home a little disappointed that she wasn't there.
The weekend before Halloween, we went to visit Brad and Bec. Jason and Brad went golfing while me, Bec and all the kids went to Costco and made Halloween spider cookies.

Braden took this picture. He's turning into quite the little photographer although this one's a little blurry and the other one he took kind of cut our heads off.
Little Miss Hay getting into everything and eating all our leftovers off the floor!
The boys had a blast "fixing" Brad's bike!
We also visited the pumpkin walk. It was a lot of fun. This display was our favorite--Despicable Me. It was soooo cute! And so real!

Random Fall

The kids with Daddy
Quincy and Hadley came to visit us for a day so we went to our favorite park.
Crazy funny ones
So you can't tell in this picture but Kyden has a pet caterpillar in his bowl of gold fish. Pretty much killed the poor thing. But they sure had fun with it. They took it on a train ride, fed it food, and who knows what else!
Hayley all bundled to go mini golfing. She always sticks her tongue out!

Spud Harvest

Well since we don't get 2 weeks off for Spud Harvest in Utah, we had to settle for a weekend trip to get our spud harvest fill! We had fun riding and driving and picking those dirt clods. It's amazing how fast they can dig the potatoes now! Helping them to plant more potatoes because they can be harvested faster (if the weather cooperates)! They run 2 diggers, 3 cross-overs, 10+ trucks--years ago they ran 1 digger and 1 crossover! Harvest went a lot slower! I love being a farmers daughter and being a part of this whole operation! The first week of real spud harvest (they do a green dig so they end up digging for over a month but the kids are out of school for 2 weeks to help so that's what I mean by real) it was so hot people were getting sunburned but the next week it was so cold people were wearing coats. What crazy weather!
This is a picture of 2 crossovers and the digger loading a truck with 2 waiting...

Eric and the boys. They love this!
Riding in Eric's truck

Kyden's pet fly--yes his pet?? I think the fly was dying so it let Kyden carry it around in his helmet and crawled up his arm. He had it for quite a while and then he lost it. Funny kid!
Hayley with Dad
Hayley riding in the digger with Uncle Ray. Ray drove the digger the whole time. He's great at what he does!

Kyden loves to go to work with Grandpa. Here they are together getting there work boots on.

Great Grandpa (to Hayley)
Shopping and then dinner after priesthood session. Waiting for the guys to join us. Suzanne, Bec, Hayley, and Candi.
Grandmas and Kyden

Spud Day and Our Calling

We were going to miss Spud Day this year--first time in who knows (if we ever have missed it)--but at the last minute decided to make the trip. We just couldn't stay away! Braden had his Primary program the next day that we had to be back for so it was a really quick trip but fun. By the way Braden did a wonderful job in the Primary Program. So cute!
Grandpa and the kids.
So cute!
Well...Kyden thought he wanted to go down the big blow up slide until he started climbing up to go down. Let's just say he wasn't a happy camper!
We made it all summer without getting a calling...we are now the Ward Building Cleaning Specialists (or something like that...a.k.a. janitors but not really). We really like it! The kids are such a big help too. We are in charge of cleaning it every 3rd month so not too bad. Here are our little helpers...

Mr. Bear And Last of Summer

Braden was the first child in his class to be able to bring Mr. Bear home because there names both started with a "B". Braden thought it was pretty fun. He was able to take Mr. Bear on all his adventures and then write about it! Then the next child got to do the same thing. I don't love the idea because of the the germ factor but Braden loved it so I looked past that!
Uncle Brad and Aunt Bec came to visit us one Saturday. We went mini golfing since there is one right by our house. The boys love going. It sure was hot even though it was the end of September when we went.

Oops! Spilled smoothie al over him! It was one of the funniest things but he didn't find it funny one bit! He insisted he wanted the lid off but look what it got him--a smoothie bath!
Building a race track outside with dad is so much fun!
The 3 girls! Two of my friends had babies about the same time as Hayley was born. Hayley (7 months), Brielle (4 or 5 months??), and Gabbie (just 2 weeks older than Hayley)! Notice the size difference! Funny! What cuties! We're hoping they'll all be friends one day!
Here's all our other kids from our play date! They all actually played really well! It's crazy how many kids we have! It seems like just yesterday we were starting out with our first! Poor Addi in the middle of all those boys! She's the only girl besides the babies!