Sunday, December 6, 2009

Family Vacation

To Disneyland! The boys loved it and did so good! Kyden even took one of the longest naps he's ever took in the stroller! I was happily surprised. Kyden's favorite ride was the carousel. He probably rode it 20 times and would have rode it all day if we would have let him.
One VERY happy boy!

One tired little Mickey boy!

The whole group with Mickie minus Grandpa (Great Grandpa to the boys). We all had a lot of fun together even when it got busy the last couple days we were there and had to stand in some lines. AHH...fighting crowds--not the most fun!! But fun anyhow!
Little Mickey!
Braden and Handy Manny--I was super surprised that he went up to him all by himself but he did and loved it!
This was a common site among our visit to Disneyland and California Adventure--always studying his map. He knew exactly where we were, where we had been, and where he wanted to go.
On the SCREAMER rollercoaster which is so fun! If you look close you can even see Jason's brother Doug, who lives in Las Vegas, came to see us for a day. It was fun to see him and I think he like it too!
Ah man must have picked the wrong picture. Oh well. After church on Sunday (or at least Sacrament), we went to the Newport Temple. It is a very pretty temple.
Grandpa and the boys at the temple.
Isn't this an awesome picture?! And my Dad even took it! Yah, talk about miracle!
We also visited the beach while in Cali. And although it was a bit cold, the boys LOVED it! We just need a backyard with lots of sand and they would be happy boys!

Braden's favorite rollercoaster ride. Yes, it surprised us that he loved it! It lasts about 2 seconds but it is fun!
Boarding the "favorite rollercoaster"
Time to go home--2 VERY tired boys! And I mean tired! It took a week or so just to recoup from all the busy days they endured! They were so good! Glad it turned out to be so wonderful! We love our little boys! They are growing up to fast and learning so much!


I fell asleep in the counter--halfway anyway (Braden)!

And I fell off the stool and hit the other one!
Lunch with Uncle Ray!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

My parents went to Nicaragia to see my brother and sister-in-law the week before Halloween so we went and stayed with my brother. While we were there we carved pumpkins. Braden didn't want to have anything to do with those oooweee goooey inside stuff. So he watched for a second and then went to play.
And this is what Kyden did--ate food and made a mess.
And this is how he reacted when we had him touch the pumpkin goo.
Here's the final results.


Happy Halloween! So, to be honest I'm not really into Halloween. I do like to go to family parties and dress up but I don't ever go the extra mile. This year we didn't have any parties to go to so we just went trick-or-treating to family and then to the pumpkin walk which was fabulous. Plus, I don't see the need to spend $50 on each costume. It's a waste of money for only wearing the costume one or two nights. Maybe someday when I have money laying around just waiting to be spent, I will change my mind about that. But I do have to admit that children make it so much more memorable.

Braden was Bob the Builder who he is obsessed with right now and Kyden was a puppy. If you say to Kyden "Come here puppy" he'll drop to the ground and start panting. It's pretty cute.Kyden loves loves loves trains or "choo, choos" as he calls them so he had to check this out at the
pumpkin walk.

Kyden was in heaven with all the candy he was getting. He just couldn't figure it out but then he didn't really care and was just happy to be getting more candy at one time than he's had his whole life! They both got a bucket candy and we only went to about 6 houses. Guess that's what happens when you just go to family--they load you up!
Grandpa with the boys.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy times!!!

Here are a few more posts from our busy life.

Could you say Proud?

Oh man, I thought I turned this one, but this will have to do! Jason finally caught some fish--big ones, just down at the river! One weighed about 4 pounds 20 something inches long and the other 2 ish pounds and 18 inches long! Ya, sorry Jason can't remember! But he was super proud of himself! He has been trying to catch a big one all year! Glad he did--it made the license all the more worth it!

Then, I have been couponing a bit and I have to brag a little on this one. Oh course I didn't need to buy all of this right now, but it makes for good food storage! I got 64 items for $48.98 and I saved $206.56! I know I spent a lot of money, but for the stuff I got and the brand, it was a steal of a deal. Plus I got a $2 coupon for my next shopping trip just for buying something (not exactly sure why I got it--I think if was from the oil). I was pretty proud of myself! It's fun couponing when you can get these kinds of deals, but it can be a lot of work.

This one's for you Cass--I know you'll like it! Girl's Night at Sundae's! Yep, we are pigs, but we sure enjoyed it! After ice cream, we--I know you're going to like this one--we spent a couple hours in Walmart! Seriously, what is there to do when you're on a bugdet and just want to talk and the ice cream place was closing! Plus, the majority of us live with parents so there was no going back to someone's house! Maybe someday we'll grow up! Ha, ha!!! But Cassie did move to Utah and we are completely sad. Although we are so glad she is finally able to be with her husband everday, we miss her! It was just getting fun! Don't worry, we will do a big girls trip as soon as we're done having babies (or maybe before)! We'll just have to see! Anyhow, thanks Cass for all the good times! We enjoyed you and your kids while we were here and also thanks for all the support! You helped the last year pass with less pain!! You're great! Hope to see you soon!

(Braden camera shy again) My brother, Mike, and his wife, Angie, are in Nicaraugia (oh man, sorry I cannot spell) for her internship. Mike served a mission there and she speaks some Spanish so it just worked out for them. They left the end of August and will be back right before Thanksgiving! They are loving it and we are so proud of them! We send our love and prayers!

It's all gone

Spikey hair!!

Nice hair Kyd's!

Oh, look at those cute little baby!

ALL GONE! Jason did this one too (he inniated potty training)! I went to the temple one morning and came home to a hairless boy. Which I had wanted to do, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. But the only thing I was slightly mad about was the fact that Jason didn't get any pictures of his first haircut, but really no big deal. We took one later and he did save the hair!
Doesn't he look handsome and all grown up?! No baby anymore! Although he will be my baby for a while!!
Nice cute boys showing off there adorable new pj's (if you can say that about boys pj's) from G&G Peterson.

And then the wrestling began! And I've heard it just gets worse the older they get! I just can't wait till Kyden can stick up for himself instead of me yelling at Braden all the time! Braden will be in for when Kyden starts pinning him down. Then we'll see who's crying!

Mission accomplished

So, there is no picture of this, but Braden is potty trained! The week before Labor Day weekend Jason decided to make Braden wear underwear while I was at work. Well, when I got home and discovered this, we couldn't turn back. I really wanted to after a couple accidents and 2 poopy underwear, but it actually went very smooth after that. I think he is old enough to know that it just took a couple days to get used to the idea of wearing underwear. Plus, I was really nervous about him going camping only days after starting potty training, but he was actually really good and didn't have any accidents. He even usually stays dry at night! Good job Braden! We are so proud of you!

What a goof! He was being a bug or a hunter or something like that.

Riding in the truck with Dad!
One happy little boy!
Being a puppy! Both boys just love playing in the dogs bed!
Another one of Braden and Dad.

Braden is growing up so much! We have to be careful what we say around him! But we love him and are so grateful to have him as part of our family!

Our Mr. Mischievious

WOW! All I can say is "How can two little brothers be SOOOO different?!" I'm not complaining because I wouldn't want them to be the same. I love the differences--It's just hard to get used to when you expect them to be the same. Braden does get into things, but Kyden is so much worse. It just makes for adventure in our lives and a whole lot of laughs (at least when it's all over)!

Uh oh, I've been caught on the counter....with a bag a chips. Like father, like son!

Yes, he just decided to crawl under the camper...
And then eat some dried up worms from when it rained. NASTY!
He was so proud of himself for putting these blocks together although he made a mess in the process. Always cleaning up after those little ones--that's what mom's do!
Ky and Aunt Bec at her birthday dinner. What a smirky smile!
What mom, it's just flour?

Do I look like Grandpa? I love riding on the lawn mower!
Bowl full of yogurt on the head.
I thought it was a shoe! But it sure didn't fit like one!
Carmel smeared all over my face and I'm tired.
Doesn't mom's eye liner look good on my face? Ya, and he still hasn't learned after getting into it 3 more times! I have to put it up now and whenever he sees me putting it on, he points at it and cries if I don't give it to him. He just wants to be like mom! Dad doesn't like this very much, but what can I do when I am with these boys all the time and I can't lock them out of the bathroom while I get ready or they would get into something else.
Uncle Ray carrying me in a box and I liked it!
We love our Kyden! He is so funny! About a month ago, he woke up around 1am and was ready to go for the day--I wasn't. He was laying in our bed because I was so tired trying to get him to sleep and he kept moving around and bonking both Jason and my head. Jason was about ready to throw him out, but what made the whole night laughable was when we heard this little "choo, choo". Kyden loves trains and even if you can barely hear it, he'll hear it. We just laughed and laughed! He is such a goof, but we love him so much!