Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, I must be loosing it (let's blame it on the pregnancy) because I thought I took pictures of the boys playing in the snow the other day, but obviously I didn't because there aren't any on my camera or phone! I did video record them so I must have never took a picture with the camera I was holding in my hand the whole time. Oh well. Last Monday, November 8th, was the first day of snow for us. You would have thought the boys were in heaven when it started snowing. They played in it twice that day and wanted to build snowmen and snow forts and all sorts of things. They even used a whisk to stir it up and eat it. Gross! Not my idea of a great idea, but I ate snow when I was little and it didn't hurt me too bad! Kyden kept taking off his gloves so his hands were freezing! He just doesn't get it! I need to work on that. But Kyden doesn't like to wear socks or shoes or coats or jackets either so what can you do?! He is a little monkey and sometimes we tell him the zookeeper is coming to get him and take him to the zoo. He is a troublemaker, but we love him still. Below is a picture of him getting into stuff! His face says it all! (I don't get it--this picture is the right way until I download it. I tried downloading it a couple times too. Oh well!)
Here's another time when he emptied the WHOLE box of Kleenex's. Not one kleenex had been used because I had just put it in the bathroom! Guess that's what happens when I think he's sleeping so I don't check on him for a while! He was actually looking for his binkie because sometimes I would put it in the kleenex box--we had gotten rid of it a couple weeks before this but I said something to him to remind him of his binkie so guess it's my fault!
My aunt gave me a box of girls clothes to go through and Kyden was so excited to help me. It doesn't look like it in this picture, but he was begging me to put this little dress on him the instant he saw it. He was pretty excited to have it on too until I wanted to take a picture! Jason thinks I'm damaging my boy, but I just think it's funny!
Uncle Mike and Aunt Angie have a pet turtle that the boys love! We don't get to see it because they moved away though and it makes Kyden sad. The last time they visited, they brought Kyden a turtle that grows in water and Braden a monkey (they swapped with each other for the picture). You can barely see the animals in the picture, but here's a big Thank You to Mike and Angie! They loved them. It was fun to see them grow. Now they are still trying to shrink down to the original size.
Jason went with his parents to Vegas a couple weeks ago. Here are the boys sporting there new M&M shirts from G&G with there M&M straws from dad! (And notice there awesome boots they love to wear now!) Thanks for the surprises!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Fun

We started off our Halloween Festivities (if you can even call them that) by going to the Pumpkin Walk. It was really neat. This year was my favorite--I think this is only the 4th year they've done it. The theme was something about dreams do come true or something disneyish. The boys had a lot of fun and the weather was really nice the night we went.
Kyden's favorite was the Thomas the Train pumpkin set up. If you look close enough in the picture you can see Thomas in the background.

Carving pumpkins! We carved them at Grandpa and Grandma's house since we have carpet in our kitchen and that would have made a huge mess. Plus they wanted to carve there pumpkins too so we decided to do it all together for FHE.

As happy as Kyden looks in this picture, he did not like touching the insides of the pumpkin--just like his brother. But he sure was proud of his pumpkin that I helped him carve.
Finished product!

And of course, the costumes! Braden was supposed to be a Ninja Turtle but once I bought the costume, he decided he wanted to be Bob the Builder again. I tried to talk him out of it since he was Bob last year, but as parents you learn to pick your battles. Really, does it matter what they dress up in as long as they're happy and will give you a smile like below?! So, I was going to take the Ninja costume back but before I did, I decided to get it out and see what Kyden thought of it since he loves turtles. He absolutely LOVED the costume and played dress up in it the whole week before Halloween. He is my dress up man. Every time we play at my cousins house (who are all girls), he dresses up in something they have whereas Braden wouldn't touch the stuff! Funny and so different!!

Here are the boys with some cousins--the ones Kyden likes to play dress up with. Aren't they all so cute!
We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating! It's amazing how much candy they got even though we only hit probably 8 houses! Plus the weather was calling for rain and cold but it was a beautiful night and it didn't start raining until 10 pm. What a great day! Now it's on to the next holiday!