Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is this your cart with all the kids?

So, couponing is a wonderful game when you can do it without kids, but at times a difficult chore. On Saturday, we went to my cousins birthday party at Leo's Place and the boys played there little hearts out. Afterwards, I decided to make a quick stop to pick up some FREE and practically free grocery's. Well, on the 5 minute car ride, Kyden fell asleep. I was already there and it was 5pm so I didn't want him to sleep very long anyway so I took him in. I layed a blanket down and put him in and he slept the whole time (20 minutes). While doing the shopping, Braden kept telling me he was tired and layed his head down. He fell asleep while we were checking out. It was pretty funny. And then the bagger asked if the cart with the kids was mine. I got a kick out of that--the sleeping kids that is. She just didn't want to put my grocery's in the wrong cart. I had to take a picture. Anyway, in the end, the shopping spree was worth. I got $70 worth of grocery's for practically free after a $20 rebate, $3 and$5 coupon to use next time, sales, coupons. And all this stuff was brand name stuff I would hardly ever buy before. AWESOME!!! I do LOVE couponing even though it does take some time and getting used to. I'm still trying to get it right. I always make some kind of mistake, but at least I'm getting more for my money. Oh and I just have to say that I got some post cereal, regularly $4.89 for $.25! Crazy! I didn't even know that was possible!

This isn't the best picture for this but just look closely. Kyden loves wearing Braden's crocks and usually just one. I think they need to invent some kind of beeper for shoes because we have lost these shoes more than once since Kyden loves them!
Messy hair boys! I think it's time for a haircut--two haircuts!

Another picture with cousin Brielle except no one wanted to smile.
This was supposed to be a cute picture of the boys on the combine with Uncle Ray, but that didn't work out so well. Kyden was super tired so when I got up to take a picture, he thought I was leaving and burst our crying. Braden thought he was starving eating a granola bar, and Ray was cracking up at Kyden. Well, they had fun anyway.

Shocker! Braden actually fed the goats at the zoo.
But this one was obvious--Kyden has no fear!
Isn't this picture adorable! Braden with my cousin Quincy. She came over to play last week and I wanted to take a picture of them and they both cooperated. She is a doll and so sweet!
But, when we tried to fit them and all there car seats in the back of our honda, we had a little trouble. That will be a requirement before our next child--to get a bigger car. They all BARELY fit. Everytime I shut Quincy's door, she would say "Bumpy" and laugh.

Random pictures of our life

"Working" (or playing on mickey mouse clubhouse) at Grandpa's office.
Messy face Kyden with a Ford sticker on his forhead.
Caught in the act.
Cousin Brielle came to visit from Texas for a couple weeks. It was fun to see her and Jessica. She has grown up so much in the last 3 months since we saw her last.
Yes...mischievious and always looking for trouble!

This picture was the right way when I downloaded it, but turned somehow. Oh well. We went to the Art Festival by the River with some friends. I'm not really into those kinds of things, but it was really fun. We'll do it again next year. They had all sorts of things for kids to do and it was all FREE--even better!
Messy hair. And if you look closely, you'll see marker on his head and shirt. What a crazy little man.
I was downstairs cleaning and Braden was upstairs watching tv (yes, my babysitter?! can you blame me sometimes!?). He came downstairs, I looked at him and wondered where he got the massive bruise on his head. He said he fell on the counter. I'm pretty stumped because I didn't hear anything and he didn't cry one bit. Doesn't that bruise look like it would have hurt when he got it? Oh well, tough guy!
Eating the WHOLE chicken leg. YUM!

Who helped you feed Squirt?

A couple Sunday's ago, this is what happened:
Me, my mom, and sister Bec were in my parents bedroom talking.
Bec heard (I didn't): "Go get your mom...Go get your mom right now!!" (a little meaner and a little louder)
Braden came walking in acting normal. I casually (since I didn't realize anything was wrong) asked--
Me: How are you doing?
Braden: Fine.
Me: What have you been doing?
Braden: Feeding the turtle.
Me: Oh, who's helping you?
Braden: Kyden.
Me: Kyden? Just Kyden?
Braden: Yah.
Me: Really. Kyden was helping you. Only Kyden. You and Kyden.
Braden: Yep. (Like it was no big deal.)
This is when I realized I should probably go see the damage.
We went in to find a very unhappy Dad (Jason) picking up almost the whole can of turtle food. Oops! Bec and I busted up laughing! We couldn't stop laughing thinking about how Kyden was helping Braden feed Squirt, the turtle. I don't know who was supposed to be watching the boys, but apparently no one was. Jason wasn't happy because Braden woke him up to tell him about the turtle and food. The food was all over the floor and in the tank. We spent a while fishing all the food out. Although I thought it was pretty funny, I also worried about the health of the turtle since it is my brother's and his wife (Mike and Angie). They left the food on the floor for my mom to feed it and Kyden decided to take matters into his own hands and feed it himself. He is so mischievious! What a goof ball! The turtle is fine and Kyden still loves to look at it and get into it
These pictures were taken mostly after it was all cleaned up so you can't really see the damage, but it sure was funny.