Saturday, October 16, 2010

So much for sleeping in on a Saturday Morning...

Last night, I went to bed thinking "Oh great! Jason doesn't work tomorrow and we don't have anywhere to be right away so we can sleep in (until like 8 or 9 would perfect). What a great morning this will be!" (Plus the boys were up late so I just assumed they would sleep in. WRONG!)
This morning I wake up at 6:45 to a little boy, Kyden, telling me he needs his diaper changed. Then he wants in my bed with HIS pillow. He loves his pillow and is very possessive of HIS pillow. Braden had come into our bed a little bit before that so it was a bit crowded. Once I got everyone situated and was starting to fall back asleep, I here a little boy complaining about HIS pillow because Braden was laying on it! Seriously, can't we just sleep! So Jason moves Braden over and goes into the boys bed. I think I dozed off a little here and there in between complaints from a little boy. The next thing I remember is about 8 when Kyden is standing by my bed crying because the doors locked, what door you ask?
Well, Grandpa Searle is done digging potatoes!!! Yahoo! They finished yesterday, a couple days later than planned because of the people who were taking the potatoes were SLOW!! But they are done and that's all that matters now!!! Just happy to be done and have the weather hold out so they could finish. So, to celebrate, he took us to dinner. Then to Home Depot for a rake and shovel for Kyden. Grandpa stopped here the other day and Kyden wanted the rake and shovel out of his pickup but when Grandpa got it out, Kyden didn't like it because it was too big. Our neighbor has a small REAL rake and shovel that Kyden loves so I think he thought Grandpas was like that too. So, since then, he's been begging Grandpa for a rake and shovel. So, to celebrate, Grandpa got both boys a rake and shovel. Cal Ranch has kid size ones but it was closed by the time we were done eating so Home Depot had to work. Kyden was one happy man! Although he did want it to be light outside so he could use his tools in his dirt.
So, back to the door...I thought Kyden couldn't get the door to the garage open so he could get his shovel and rake out of the car. Well, I go to help him open it and he goes to the front door and picks something up. You have to understand that I am pretty much blind without glasses or contacts so I couldn't see what he was picking up, but I soon realized it because he said "Two rakes, two shovels". While we were all sleeping, he had gone out to the car and brought in the 2 shovels and 2 rakes by himself. Good thing we have a dead bolt on the front door and that he forgot that he knows how to open the big garage door--get in the car and use the remote (he's done that many times--little trouble maker). So, I let him outside telling him that he probably needs a jacket, but he told me no which I knew he would because he doesn't like coats, jackets, socks, shoes--anything like that! But when he got outside, he said "Brrrrr" so he let me put on his coat! He is such a funny little guy! We love him--even if he does get us up when it's sleep in morning!
He only looks sad in the picture below because he was SUPER tired and ready to be in bed! But he was super smiling happy when he was at the store and finally got what he wanted!

I'm just glad that this wasn't permanent black marker, but dry erase so it came right off! Once again we were at Grandpas office with little supervision from mom so he decided to draw on himself! He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of himself!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Random Stuff

We went to Ross Park the end of July and Braden loved the wristband he got when he decided to go on the big slide. Well, this picture was taken the 1st part of September when he finally decided he could part with it. It used to be pink, less stretched out and in one piece. Funny boy!

This picture is going to be a good one to hang onto for future reference! Let's just say he was a BIT tired!
Helping dad at work.
Like Grandpa, like Grandson!
Another picture that he is totally out! We got home one night and I had to grab a few things from the car before I could put him in bed. This is how I found him minutes after going outside.

This is one of the favorite toys at Grandma's house. He loves it!
Movie night! We watched Little Rascals for the first time and the boys loved it--although it did take some convincing to get them to agree to watch it.
Neighbor Friends--Kyden, Miles, Braden, Max, Ashley!! Building a fort and being destructive! Aren't you surprised that they are ALL looking at the camera! I was shocked!

Dressing up with the girl cousins. He doesn't look like it in this picture but he was really loving being dressed up. He was just frustrated with his high heel shoes cause he kept slipping on the hardwood floor.

Spud Harvest

Well it's that time of year again--Spud Harvest! I love that the boys are getting older and loving spud harvest more and more every year. They have been able to ride in the digger with Grandpa and Uncle Ray, ride in spud truck with Dad, Aunt Bec, and Uncle Eric, ride in the cross over with Uncle Mike, and take treats out with Grandma. They have also played in the dirt and mud in the fields. That's what boys are good at right! The weather has been amazingly hot so they've been on a roll but the last couple days have been rainy and cold so we're just praying that the weather will hold out a couple more days so they can get those potatoes out!

This is the boys spud digger they built! If you look close you can see Braden's hat is inside out and Kyden is wearing a too small snow hat that he found and loves and if you could see his feet, you would see 2 mismatched boots on them. What goofs!
Dad drove for one day and we went to ride with him for a little bit cause it was really bumpy and that's all my baby belly could handle!
Playing in the dirt with Grandpa!
Playing in the dirt with cousins!
I haven't a clue how this picture got turned because if wasn't when I downloaded it! Oh well!

Goofy Grandpa!
Digger loading truck.
Spud day was before we started digging potatoes. Here are a few from the parade which the boys came away from that with a HUGE bag of candy! Ridiculous cause now I'm eating it all! I do have to say that candy makes parades so much better. One year they weren't allowed to throw candy and what a boring parade!
Eric and Kyden
Dad, Braden and Grandma

Labor Day Weekend Camping

This was our last time camping this year! The weather was beautiful and we had a lot of fun riding the 4-wheelers, getting dirty, and just hanging out!