Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Boys

This is how we found the boys room the other night:
Yep, they pulled every single piece of clothing out of there dresser. Braden felt pretty bad because all he was trying to do was "Find that one shirt". Well, he didn't find it until I found it for him. We had a quick discussion on asking mom to help when you can't find something. It was funny until I had to fold all the clothes back up to put them in the dresser.

We are so proud of Dad! He is the best! We are just so glad to have him home spending time with us!
Man, this little boy is such a character. He makes me laugh everyday. He gets into everything, finds things he's not supposed to have, and has a little temper. But he sure is a cutie!
He figured out that he could roll the computer chair wherever he wants to get things he wants, but is not supposed to get. This time it was his binkie or "me me" as he calls it. He only gets it at nap and bedtime but wants it more often than that. It is going to be a monster of a time weening him from his binkie. I'm not looking forward to it!
Loves, loves, loves his pillow. I think he would rather have a pillow than a blanket. When I get him out of bed in the morning, he has to empty his crib in my arms which includes 2 blankets, a pillow, Pooh bear, and whatever else may have been left in there the night before and I have to carry it all plus him to the couch. He is so funny!
And this little guy LOVES puzzles. He is already smarter than me. He put this United States puzzle together all by himself. What a brain!! And he was proud of it--which he should be!
Ky with Braden's underwear on his head. He cracks me up all the time with things he comes up with.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He's home

Our wonderful father and husband is home! He ended up being gone just over 2 weeks! It really was a blessing that he got the privilege to go to Haiti and spend time with the people there. He mostly translated for doctors. He loved playing with the children and making them laugh. He is so amazing! I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man! Thanks babe!

Isn't this picture so precious?! This little boy is so cute! Jason said this little boy was very shy but asked if he could get his picture taken with Jason. How sweet! What's amazing to me is that although the people of Haiti have seen such devastation, they can still smile and look as if nothing is wrong. I have learned so much over the past month! What a blessing!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update on Jason

Well, we hear from Jason every couple days which is always nice to hear his voice. He is staying very busy, but doing good. He has mostly been translating for doctors and helping them when there are no other hands available--something I hope to never do (I don't do well with doctor stuff). He has seen many of the families that he knew on his mission which is hard to see them in the circumstances they are in yet very comforting. If all goes as planned, we will see him this Thursday. They were originally staying 30 days, then 21, now 14. I think as they got over there, they realized how exhausting it is for all of them to go, go, go everyday and see the kind of things they are seeing--emotionally and physically draining. We are excited!

As for us we are surviving. No really, we are doing good--as good as can be without our husband and daddy. We have had so much support from everyone around us and it is so wonderful! Thanks to everyone for your love and support and prayers. We appreciate it and so do the people of Haiti!

We will post pictures of his trip when he returns!