Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Most likely...

We're having a GIRL! The doctor wasn't 100% sure, but pretty sure! We'll have another ultrasound in about 2 months to just check gender. I don't think the doctor is wrong but it worries me a bit. I'd rather be told I'm having a boy and have it turn out to be a girl but we are excited anyway! And happy that baby girl looks good and healthy! Braden has said he wanted a sister from the time we told him he was going to be a big brother again so he was pretty excited that he was right. It will be fun having an older child who understands a little better. Kyden is just excited because his brother is excited! He will probably have a hard time when he realizes what's crashing his little world. Jason's also excited! As far as me, I've always wanted a girl and really wanted this baby to be a girl but now that it is, I'm nervous. I think it will be fun though and I'm happy! It will be an adventure--but what's life without adventure, right?! Bring on the bows!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day Preschool

Yah that's right, I'm old enough to have a preschooler! Crazy I know, but so exciting! What is more exciting is that he absolutely LOVES it! His first day was September 1st and then went the 2nd too. Then this huge break because of Labor day. He asks me every day all day long when he gets to go to preschool again. When he got home from his first day, he was just wondering around the house. I asked him what he was doing and he asked when preschool was again. I told him tomorrow and then asked "Why is it boring here?" He said yep preschool is way more fun! Well, we know what he likes to do--LEARN! Keep that up little boy! I was nervous about him going because he's a momma's boy and home body, but he has done EXCELLENT! I'm so proud of him! Love you bud!
He really wanted a GREEN backpack and luckily I found one!

Preschool door!
Braden and Kyden--I've been talking up preschool all summer long to Braden about how fun it will be. One night after talking him up again, Kyden got all excited and said "Yah, me, preschool, fun, yah!" He thought he was going to preschool too--sorry not for another 2 years! He had to have his backpack but he didn't throw a fit about leaving his brother which was so nice!
Braden and Mrs. Ottley (who is also my aunt--my dad's sister--which also helps Braden not be so nervous I'm sure). She is awesome!
Look at that shining bright smile! Not even any tears! Yahoo!!
Picking up!

Kyden's new bed

We finally switched Kyden to a "big boy" bed. Braden was out of his crib at 18 months just because. I was holding onto the crib with Kyden because it contained him. But he is doing super in his new bed and loving it. Although he still wants to take naps in his brothers bed sometimes--I don't know why?! Now for potty training and getting rid of his binkie--don't worry he only gets his binkie at nap and bedtime. I refuse to let him have it any other time, but he is hooked to that thing! Any suggestions? I just don't want all the drama that comes with those kind of transitions so I've put off getting rid of it!

The favorite "helmet" and "glasses". My goofy boys!

Any kind of basket or box is considered a helmet by the boys in this house!

Dirt, Dirt, Dirt

Since we don't really have a backyard, this is what our front entryway looks like and has looked like for a lot of the summer. Boys need dirt! And I don't really care if our place looks trashy cause all that matters is that they are having a good time. When I was little, we would spend hours and hours everyday of the summer out in our huge mud pit mixing water with the dirt and making all sorts of fun things. So, I think every kid needs a place to just play and make a mess. I figure we'll clean it all up before it snows!


Summer went by too fast and all the things we wanted to do never got done like visiting the zoo--I think a summer must! Jason didn't have to work until afternoon so we went one morning and had a lot of fun. The animals were very active--more active than I've ever seen them I think. Then we went to the cool park to play and have a picnic. It was a fun family outing!

This kangaroo thing was within reaching distance of us and I had no idea until I went to take a picture and was backing up when Jason saw it. It wasn't even really caged either. It kind of creeped me out but it was a cute little thing.

The lion in the background. It was pretty vocal while we were there, especially the lady lion.

I absolutely loved this little animal. They said it had just got a haircut! I think it is the cutest thing! And so funny!

Braden thinks he's cool now when I take pictures he opens his mouth in a O-shape. I don't get it, but I'll let him be cool!
Kyden loves turtles! So this was probably one of his favorite animals at the zoo. Doesn't he just look excited in this picture!

Mini Golf

Ever since we went mini golfing in Park City in the rain, Braden has been begging us to take him again. We got together with some friends and went to the Riot Zone and golfed. Braden loved it! I think we might have a little golfer on our hands.

Combine with Uncle Ray

The boys love going on the tractor with Grandpa or Uncle Ray! They got to go on the grain combine with Uncle Ray a week or so ago. I don't think Kyden actually realized how big the combine was until we pulled our car right up beside it and said "Whoa, big". When he got out all he could say was "Wow, big and fun!" Thanks Ray for dealing with the boys in the combine. They love it! Braden even fell asleep one of the times he went with him. Naps for him don't happen very often anymore so it was a good refresher for him.

Fishing at the Kids pond

We have been wanting to take the boys fishing to the kids pond all summer and we finally got around to it a couple weeks ago. They loved it for a little bit and then they were sick of it. Kyden loved the worms the most! Although he wouldn't touch them, just poke them with a stick. He also fell in after Jason and I telling him multiple times to not get so close. Guess they learn by experience.

It only took us 2 hours to finally catch 2 fish--right before we were leaving! Fishing just isn't our thing although Jason has been obsessed with it and goes whenever he has a spare moment--which isn't very often!

Midway Family Get Away

We went to Midway, Utah with the Searle's for a family get away/reunion (July 30-August 6). We had a ton of fun! It was nice to go somewhere different, relax, and be with family with no pressure to really do anything. We went boating, rode a train, ate lots of food, visited Temple Square, Park City shopping, movies.......

Here we are boating. We haven't been boating in a long time so it was good to go. The boys loved the boat.
Grandpa and the boys--well one boy that would cooperate for pictures!
This is after he played in some mud and water on the nasty sidewalk right after we got to the lake! Boys, boys, boys!!!

Salt Lake Temple
Well at least we's one or the other who cooperates but not usually both!
Jason wake boarding which he hasn't done in years so he was pretty sore! Doesn't help that he's not getting any younger!

The water weenie--so fun! It was better than the tube--fun and not so bumpy!
Kyden sleeping in the boat!
Heber Creeper Train. Kyden loves trains so that's why we decided to take a ride on it. It was pretty slow and boring and hot, but the boys loved it so that's all that matters right! Anything for the kids!

We went to Park City to ride the slide. It was sunny until we got there, bought our tickets, and started up the ski lift. It was super hot, but the dark clouds began moving in. We got to the top after what seemed like 2 hours, took our sleds over to where you slide and it started pouring rain--the BIGGEST rain drops I have ever seen! We took cover in the trees but we still got wet. I only have the picture of my mom in the trees. Wish I had the other one that my mom took! I'm sure it's a lot more funny! So, they don't let you ride the slide if it's wet so they closed it. We held out for a while until they told us we had to get hauled down to the bottom in a suburban. We just wanted to ride that slide. We ended up playing mini golf in the rain and then going back to our hotel. We went back the next day and lucky us we did get to ride the slide and it was fun!

Isn't this house the coolest you've ever seen? You probably have to see it in real life to really think it is cool. It reminded me of a house from a cartoon show like Snow white or something.

We had a great time--especially shopping in Park City! Although I didn't find as much stuff as I would have liked, it was fun! I mean shopping any day is fun!