Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Summer Pictures

At the zoo with my cousins and there kids. The kids loved it and it was so fun to get out!
Eating dinner in our "backyard"! A cement slab doesn't exactly make for the perfect backyard but it works and it's fenced in to keep the kids in!
Playing something creative!
On the gator with Grandpa the worker!
The boys on the mini gator.
Playing cowboys...Grandpa and Eric used these for the Pioneer trek they went on and the boys love to play with them.
Hot tubbing...Although I've never made it in this year. Boo!
Grandpa, Hayley and Hadlee--they are almost exactly to the date 1 year apart. Hayley's due date was Hadlee's birthday! She's so tiny!--Hadlee
Big brother--Hayley LOVES her brothers! They sometimes love her too much though!
Our very own Mr. Rogers! With shorts and snow boots! He was pretty proud of this sweater!
Our cutie pie!
And she fell asleep just like this! Funny girl! It's tough being a baby!
Happy Father's Day! I think it's fun having older kids that can actually make things for dad! And they sure were proud of there crafts!
Braden's hole in one! Mini golf that is right by our house.
This kid actually has a really good swing! He's pretty good if you can keep his attention long enough to play the entire game.
Pretty girl!
Packages from Grandma! So fun! Thanks!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our First Visitor's

My cousin, who lives in Logan, got married the end of June so my family came to stay with us for a night. It was a bit cozy, but that's how we like it!! A couple days before the wedding, his fiancé went through the temple for the first time so Jason and I babysat all of the kids. Between 3 of my cousins and our kids, we had 4 babies (9 months and younger--2 of them being less than a month old) and 7 more kids under the age of 5. We also had the younger brother who is 16 to help babysit (he was a lot of help). It actually went really well and we were happy to do it! Here's Jason with the 2 older babies!
My family got into town Friday night so we went to dinner at Texas Rhodehouse. Love there hats!
Sleepy boys...
Waiting for the big family picture. sweet. Sleeping in Grandma's arms.
Little handsome missionary
Kyden and Quincy...We miss seeing her! We used to babysit her once a week while her mom (my aunt) went to work! She is so cute and sweet! Kyden loves her!
Abby and Braden...these two are friends of the heart. They are so much alike! We went to lunch with her and her sisters and mom Friday before all my family got there--so nice of them to treat us to lunch and a good time! So good to catch up and have some fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Move

We made the move May 20th with not an inch to spare! We packed Grandpa's snowmobile trailer clear to the top! I'm so impressed it actually made it to Logan! You don't realize how much stuff you have until you try to move it! Wow, we have so much junk! Don't worry, with Jason's help, we took a couple loads to DI once we moved! I drove the van with all the kids, Jason his pickup, my wonderful parents drove the truck with trailer, and Jason's parents brought more of our stuff the next day in another small trailer! We have such great families! Especially since we had more help when we got to Logan--my aunt and her kids came and helped! Thank you everyone who helped in one way or another! We couldn't have done it without you!
The boys with there movies! What did our parents do without dvd players?!!!

I think we may have worn the boys right out! This is how we found them when Jason and I took a break from unpacking! We really are good parents (sometimes)!!
The new bunk bed for the boys! In order to fit in our new place, we had to get a bunk bed and we're so glad we did because it works great! The boys helped Dad put it all together!
Jason put the boys on top and they thought they were stuck up there--that is until they figured out how to get down! We were just going to leave them there for a while!!

Our new's a 3 bedroom townhouse and we really do love it! The neighborhood is quiet and nice. It's great!
The ATTIC!! Ya, I was not on board with putting stuff in the attic until our neighbor told us they have tons of stuff up there. It's actually not bad up there! I've just never seen a pull down stairs to an attic before--just in the movies!

The Good Bye's

We moved!! To Logan for Jason to go back to school (Master's program)! But before we moved, we were surprised by some wonderful friends who through us a good bye party at the park! We have such good friends that we were sad to leave, but know that they will be there when we come back for visits (since both Grandparents live there) and maybe someday we'll move back!?? Who knows since life changes all the time! Anyway, the party was so sweet! It was fun to visit and let the kids play! Thanks Lauren for putting it all together and making amazing treats! And thanks to all that came! We will miss all of you! The picture below is awful but none of them would look at me at the same time so it'll have to do!
We headed to Logan the day after Braden's preschool graduation (May 20th) so after it got over we went to ice cream at Kiwi Loco with both of our families. It was super yummy! The boys love there grandparents so it'll be an adjustment not having them close, but it'll be so good for us as a family too! So many pros and cons!!! I love all of these pictures! The boys were actually being good for the camera!!

So, we did move, but we have spent our summer back and forth--as you will see in the next couple posts! Luckily, it's only a 2 hour drive! If it was further, we may not have taken so many trips!