Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekend in Boise

We had a very fun weekend spent with Brion, Ashley and Maddy. My roommate, Debbie, from college got married and her reception was in Boise so we decided to go since Brion and Ashley had just moved there and we thought the trip would be worth it! Nothing against my roomie's reception, but I don't know if we would have went all that way just to see her for 30 minutes! It was very fun to see her though--Congrats!! I'm so excited for her! I also got to see Shelby, another roommate from way back when! We missed each other at the reception, but got to catch up the next day since she lived just 10 minutes away from Brion and Ashley! It was fun to see her since I haven't seen her in years--besides catching up through blogging! So, we had a very fun and productive weekend! Oh ya, we also went to see Jason's cousin. She and her husband just adopted 2 kids and they are so cute!! It was fun to see them too. The weather was so nice and we did not want to come back to snow. It was soooo beautiful! We even got to go to the Zoo in Boise! Braden loved the animals! Kyden especially loved the monkeys! He just giggled and giggled at them--it was so cute! Wish I would have had my video camera! Thanks Pearson's for such a great weekend! We want to do it again soon! We miss having you guys around!
Leopard, Braden, Dad!!
Awesome giraffe slide huh! The kids loved it!
Eating at McDonald's after seaching, I swear, the whole town for something to eat!
Kyden loved it outside! As for the rest of us! And today the weather is so nice--I just want it to stay nice!! I walked outside today to birds chirping and it just made me want to jump up and down, scream and dance!! I'm ready for spring!
Braden and Maddy having a ball on the slide!

Our handsome boys! Braden's thinking--oh mom, quit taking pictures (I really don't take THAT many)! They are growing up so stinkin' fast! I can't believe I almost have a 3 year old! Where did the time go to? Kyden is 11 months old now and has been walking good for about a month! Yah, exciting, but so much more work, but then again he did crawl at 7 months so what's the difference between walking and crawling--they still get into everything! Braden is almost 3 and likes to pretend he can read! He loves his brother and does not like to be apart from him!
My cousin, Jake, and Braden playing with the car race track. I watched him a couple days last week while his parents were on vacation! Braden loves playing with him!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Highlights of the last month

Super Bowl Party--or at least for the husbands!! We didn't catch much of the game since we had our hands full being moms and chatting!Braden has his cheesy smile down quite well--Don't you think! He was pretty proud of himself because he would stand on the stool behind him and jump onto his Clifford bike. Cool huh!
Kyden loves food--this night was very messy with berries!
The new thing for naptime--I set the timer for 60 minutes--yes 60 minutes (on purpose) and let Braden sit on his bed and look at books. My plan for him to fall asleep usually works and I end up going in and stopping the timer before it goes off!
Braden with my cousin. He loves my cousins since he doesn't have any his age and they love him. We have gone to a couple of there basketball games and loves them. He is cheering for my cousin in this one with her sister. He had a blast!
Watching the basketball game!
So, I just had to put this picture on because it is just so cute! Braden put this tin can on Kyden's head and he didn't mind it until Braden bumped it and I think it scared Kyden! He looks like a Russian huh! Yah, I love it because I saw a lot of men who wore those hats when I was in Russia! Oh and Braden's new thing to do is wrestle with Kyden. Braden will lay on him and Kyden takes it pretty well. Usually he laughs but I have to stop it because Braden is going to break his arm one of these times if he's not careful! Braden just doesn't understand how big his is compared to Kyden! Oh well, I guess it's just a stage--another one I should enjoy!
We went rollerskating for FHE with my family and we had such a good time! Braden hasn't stopped talking about it! Braden refused to wear rollerskates, but he loved riding in the stroller and walking around. Kyden wasn't so sure about the whole thing!
Eric and Braden!
Our Valentine's ice cream. We went to Sub Zero and it was so good! And it is just a fun place for kids because it is cool to see them make the ice cream with freezing nitrogen (I think that's what it is--oh well if not) and the steam. We told Braden all day that we were going to get ice cream so when we headed there and had to stop at a store before ice cream he almost had a melt down! It was a great night! Thanks babe!!