Monday, May 25, 2009


Mommy's little helper! Kyden loves anything long and skiny (in other words, anything that's dangerous for him to play with--pens, pencils, markers, golf clubs, broom). He gets so mad though because the broom is so big, he can't quite get it to go where he wants.
We went camping over Memorial Day weekend so here's some pictures in random order of our weekend. Kyden wasn't so sure about the 4-wheelers at first as you can see by the look on his face.
Braden thought he was so cool driving this little 4-wheeler. They were pretty fun!
Braden posing for a rare picture. He doesn't usually like to have his picture taken if we make a big deal of it.
Oh wow! You wouldn't think a little boy could get so dirty within a 24 hour period, but he was covered in black dirt from head to toe. He loved it!

Kyden eating a cone that was half dirt half cone! Oh well, a little dirt never hurt anyone right!
I don't know about any of you, but I have been spoiled with camping! My in-laws have a camper so that's where we stay when we go with them. I don't really feel a need to camp in a tent ever again, but I'm sure I will or so Jason says! I don't know how my parents survived camping with us when we were little! There's just so much dirt and kids don't even care! I guess that's a good thing! Guess I wouldn't have survived being a pioneer!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yes...I'm offcially one of THOSE...

Coupon lady! I went to to a coupon class last night and absolutely loved it! It was awesome! 4 hours came and went and I had no idea! We even went shopping and I was frazzled! I didn't know what I was doing and was so excited about how much I was going to save! So...I haven't broken everything out on what cost what and I don't have time to tell you that now, but I spent $28 and got 28 items so everything averaged out to $1--obviously everything wasn't just a dollar, some less and some more! Isn't that amazing! And it wasn't cheep mac and cheese either! It was brand name good stuff like chicken, watermelon, crackers, pickles, salad dressing... Yah, I was pretty excited! And I'm super excited to really get going on it! It was completely worth the $35 I spent for the class especially since I saved over $50 on my first trip to the store and I bought stuff I needed! Gotta love couponing!!!

Gator riding! We buckle Kyden in and off they go! Braden drives and Kyden gets whiplash every time they start out! They love it! Even if it's not the safest toy around!

Kyden riding!
My handsome boys all ready for church!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

You choose...

Nerd-a-licious, study-o-haulic, Grandpie....OR
Cool, care free guy! Where do you think he'll end up? I think he's a little fireball so who knows!
This picture is kind of funny because Braden was having a ton of fun using the timer to take pictures of us! It was good practice anyway! Kyden didn't love it so much. He looks a little bored!

Cousin Brielle (and Uncle Travis and Aunt Jessica) came to visit from Texas for 2 weeks! It was a lot of fun seeing them all and playing with cute cousin Bri. Having them here just made us wish they were closer, but we know they love it in Texas and that's where they need to be. Yes, this is the only picture we got of them. For some reason, we didn't get a single picture until the night before they flew out and they were all in jammies! Isn't that life! At least they are happy!

Happy Mother's day! I think I need a mother's day every month to remind me how wonderful being a mother is. I love it despite the moments! Although Jason was sick on mother's day (which he felt really bad about) and I took the boys to church by myself, it was a wonderful day! As I drove to church, I just sat and thought about all the amazing things there are about being a mom. I realize more and more every day how much my mom did (and does) for me! It's a whole different thought process being a mom myself! Thanks mom! Your the best! I love being a mom and wife and wouldn't trade it for anything!!! Me and my handsome boys!
We also got to talk to Uncle Jesse who is on a mission in Korea. Braden loved it and talked his ear off.
Braden and Abby--he loves playing with her. They were making a canoe?!
We took Grandma P lunch at her school. Braden loves going to Grandma's school and seeing the kids. He also loves playing silent ball with them and they love when we come.
So, this picture is sideways but I don't care. I just want you all to see that he is asleep still holding onto his balloon. He LOVES balloons and everything and anything that looks like a balloon. When we go into any store and he sees anything in the air he goes crazy--ooohhhing and awhing and "wow". He is a sweetheart! We love our boys!