Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Hay

Hayley turned 1 the end of January! It's hard to believe that a year has already flown by, but I guess so much has changed! We love our little Hayley bug (especially cause she is sleeping 10 x's better at night now)! Our little princess...

We got to meet our brand new nephew/cousin on Hayley's birthday. Grandpa and Grandma were watching him for a week so they stopped on there way back home. Isn't he so adorable?! Hayley was only a tad bit jealous of him when I took my turn holding the little sweetness!
"Are you serious?"
"What is this stuff?" That stuff is sugar and she LOVES sugar! And she knows when anyone is eating it! I don't get how my kids just know! It's like they have a radar for sugar! So much for eating healthy! This girl is the worst eater!
Grandma and Hay
Grandpa and Hay
Happy Birthday little girl! We are so glad you are in our family, even with your little feistiness!


Odelsa said...

I cannot believe she is one already!!! That's it you have to get pregnant and have another baby! Wait, not just yet you have to move back first!!!
I miss you! Your kids are so freaking adorable!!

Shanley said...

Oh my word. She just makes my day! I love her! =)