Thursday, April 5, 2012

Braden's 6...

Happy Birthday Braden!! He turned 6 last week! I don't really feel that old until I realize how old my kids are getting! It's sad and exciting all at once!
Braden invited his best friend, David, from school to play at our house after school on his birthday. We ate lunch and played a couple games. Nothing too fancy! Braden and David are so much alike! I'm so glad Braden has made friends here. It makes me happy to see him enjoying school and friends so much.
Grandpa and Grandma came for Braden's birthday and so we celebrated by going to Sizzler (Braden's pick) for dinner. See what Kyden ordered...Crab legs! He loves them--I think mainly because of the tools that come with it to crack them open. He only gets these with Grandpa and Grandma so he enjoyed them!
Birthday boy with Grandpa!
Shoved in the back of the family van!!
Since Kyden's birthday is in a week and G&G got them the same present, they got to open them together. Transformers of course!
And the FANCY cake I spent hours and hours on!!! Okay not really, just boxed brownies! Our kids don't really like cake and always opt for brownies instead so I see no reason to spend more time in the kitchen than necessary on there birthday! Brownies, homemade hot fudge, and ice cream beats cake ANY DAY!!
Dad and Braden...I just wish I could see Braden's other eye, but it's still an adorable picture! We love everything thing about this boy! He is so helpful, happy, smart, handsome...! He just brings a smile to our face!
We spent the weekend in Salt Lake for conference so Braden thought it was pretty cool to stay in a hotel right after his birthday. But I didn't take a single picture--I'm that awesome!

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